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Adderall Advice
Aug 3, 2007
Hello! I post normally on the fibro/cfs/ms boards, but I am desperate for some information about adderall and so far have not been able to find the info I need. I do not have ADD, but I do take adderall and I'm hoping some of you on this board who use Adderall can share some of your knowledge with me.

I have been ill for four years and in May was finally diagnosed with fibro/cfs, while my doctor strongly suspects MS. (I'm still undergoing the diagnosis process for that).
Two of my worst symptoms are severe, debilitating fatigue and brain fog (this includes memory issues, poor word recall, disorganized thinking, etc).
My doctor prescribed Adderall and I began taking it at the end of June. Started on 5 mg 2x a day, and for the first few days I felt my thinking was a bit clearer, although it did nothing to combat the fatigue and weakness.
Two weeks later, doctor increased my dosage to 20 -25 mg. Again, initially I seemed to see some cognitive benefits and a very slight decrease in fatigue. But I was still a million times more tired and weak than a normal, healthy person. (I am a 33 year old female, had been active, worked out 5x a week, ate very well, never drank or smoked.)
Last week the doctor told me to start taking 35 - 45 mg a day, spaced out however I felt would suit me best. Since I seem to metabolize this medication very quickly (one dose lasts only about 3 to 3.5 hours), I take it
3x per day to try to get the maximum amount of effect from it. I try to take the next dose before the last dose has worn off.
Even at 45 mg, I still nap during the day, am tired, have bad muscle weakness, and the brain fog had only decreased minimally.
I also have had NO side effects from this drug, except for a bit of a tinny taste in my mouth after taking the meds. (This happens to me even with Tylenol).
Sorry for the long post. Essentially my question is, in your experiences with Adderall, is it worth it for me to keep increasing the dose? One of my doctors said everyone is different and it's a matter of finding "My" effective dose. But I'm taking this for fatigue and not ADD. If I'm only slight improvement in fatigue at 45 mg, will I really see a benefit if I go up to 60, 75, 80 mg? I don't want to give up on this if it will work. But I don't want to keep increasing in vain.
I have done so much research on this drug and hear people say how it "wires" them or gives them extreme energy and motivation. I don't understand how I can be on 45 mg (which seems high to me) and still be able to go to sleep, or be so tired I can't think or move very quickly. I feel like my mind and body are stuck in quicksand.
I would appreciate so much if people have info on the following questions:

How much have people taken before they see "energizing" effects?

If you let one dose wear off before you take the next, does the next dose seem less effective?

Do some people just need a much higher dosage than others? Is it possible I just metabolize it so quickly I need to take more and more often?

Has anyone been on Adderall for a very long period of time, and if so, have you experienced any negative effects from it?

I'm sorry to "barge in" on your board. I thought I might find more Adderall users here than on other boards, and I so badly want this to work, so I'd just love to hear from others who use it.
I would appreciate any and all feedback. Thanks so much and best wishes to you all!!!!!!!!!!

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