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My son, who will be in 7th grade this year, was originally diagnosed with ADHD in kindergarten. He is very bright and picks up new things amazingly quickly when it is something he is interested in, i.e. car facts or military history. Unfortunately, school subjects for the most part do not interest him, and although he is not a behavior problem he often zones out in class and is also very disorganized. He is classified "other impaired" (special ed.) because of the ADHD, and up until now has been mainstreamed with "support" - meaning he is pulled out for a short time each day for extra help, but is in regular classes. This past year (6th grade) he was re-evaluated because his grades were low, he was not handing in work, and was not paying attention. The ADD diagnosis was re-confirmed by a neurologist, with no learning disabilities noted. He had been on 36 mgs. of Concerta; she felt the dose was too low and we should either try upping it to 56 mgs. or switching to Daytrana or Adderal. (I chose to try the 56 mgs. of Concerta, since he was not having side effects on it. But he does not take it during vacations; will start one week before school)
Getting to my question: It was recommended that he be assigned to replacement math and lanquage arts, meaning he is no longer mainstreamed for these subjects and will be in a smaller group that moves at a slower pace. I agreed, but am not comfortable at all with my decision, and would now like to try him again in the regular classes with an increase in his medication dose. Has anyone here been in a similar prediciment? What are the pros and cons of the smaller self-contained classroom? My main concerns are: the stigma; he will fall behind and not be able to catch up; he will be grouped with children with more severe disabilities and behavior problems. On the other hand, his teachers say that he has already fallen behind because he is not able to attend to what is going on in the classroom. His standardized test scores were average to slightly above average, and he tested in the "proficient" range for all subjects on the state test.

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