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Hey Goody! I am so glad things are going well with your daughter. I've never heard of that patch before. I just wanted to say hi!! and tell you that you are in my prayers! I am very glad that you stopped your daughter's adderall abuse before it turned into an extreme addiction like I had. have a great day!
I am so glad everything is going better. I will continue to keep you in my prayers. I looked up the patch and it still has the same warnings of abuse and addiction that adderall does. That concerns me because i remember what adderall was like. But since this is a patch, i don't see much 'abuse' happening. Try to stay away from the pills if you can!! have a great day! God bless!
My son started on the patch shortly have it came out. He is 14 and has tried Adderall (3 years) and Concerta.

He LOVED the patch. He said that it was a very "smooth" feeling. No ups and downs that can come with Adderall. Also, there was NO rebounding. Something we dealt with on the other two meds he had been on. He was able to remove it when he wanted and a couple of hours later, he slept thru the night.

At first, there were issues with the patch and them staying put. But, they have greatly improved them. Also, I have no earthly idea how someone could abuse the patch, unless they handed a brand new one to a person. Once the patch is on, you can not take it off and place it on another part of your body or anyone else's for that matter. It will not "restick".

That being said, he is a very active athlete. He has soccer practice two hours each day and a couple of games each weekend. The kid never stops sweating! With the sweat and constant movement of every part of his body,,,the patch would come loose and start to fall off. Very frustrating for him. You can not "restick" me he has tried everything.

We are starting Vayanse (sp?) over the weekend. It is brand new. It is suppose to have the same smoothness of the Daytronia but in pill formula. Also, it is suppose to be be longer acting. So, I will let you know how it goes.

I would definately give the patch a try. Everyone I know who has tried it has really liked it.

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