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I've been taking adderall for a few months now and it took me a while to get benefits. I've had 3 dose increases so far.
My doctor told me a person's height/weight doesn't really matter, something about how it's metabolized by the brain, not the digestive system or whatever, although some foods that affect the ph level of your stomach can cause it to be used differnetly. There's lots of info on the net about this.

I've heard of a 250 male benefitting from 20 mg a day. I'm a 100 pound female and so far I'm up to 45 mg a day (started off with 5mg and increased every two weeks) and only seeing a bit of increased focus that only lasts for about 3 hrs. Doc has me taking it three x a day instead of just 2 now. (This is IR, not XR) No increased energy, which I was hoping for.

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