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Thanks so much for taking the time to give me such a lengthy response with great advice. Yes, her school requires summer school for promotion, and she did pass with a grade of 74. I've told her for years if she really focuses and listens to the tutor, she could have her summers free, she even missed out on a trip to the Carribbean this summer with her cousin, because she needed to attend summer school.

She's had tutors who are retired teachers and students from one of the top colleges in the country which is located near my home. They all tell me she is doing ok with her math homework, but then she doesn't do well on the tests, and gets a failing grade on her report card.

You are right, she always has high hopes for the new year, her birthday is Aug.19, and when she blows out the candles she tells me she wishes for good grades in school, yet every year she struggles, I feel sorry for her.
I don't know if her lack of effort is from frustration because of learning disabilites (ADD included), boredom or laziness in her part. Almost every parent I know is complaining that their children spend too much time on the computer and aren't that interested in studying.

She has been in special programs after school, since the psychologist wrote that she may have ADD, so I can't complain about public school not giving her extra help, although I can't attest to the quality of the extra help.

Anyway, thanks again, I will try to find appropriate tutors based on your advice.

In addition, thanks for sharing your success story of overcoming the difficulties you faced to achieve a rewarding career, I hope my daughter can do the same.

How is her reading comprehension? [B]improved from lower grades[/B]
Is she able to make inferences when she reads? [B]yes[/B]
Did she struggle to master her multiplcation math facts? [B]yes[/B]
In what grade did the struggle begin? [B]2nd[/B]
And with what subject? [B]everything but spelling[/B]

I took her to Sylvan Learning Center, she was tested, but I don't know the names of the tests. They claimed she probably has a learning disability with her score, like the majority of their students. She didn't attend because we couldn't afford it.

When she had to take the 4th grade state test (ELA) on english language and arts I purchased books on preparing for the test. I worked with her almost every night on the main parts of the story (she didn't get that concept), and other criteria on the test that was explained in the book.
I even copied lots of stories from the internet and made up my own questions for her, and made her wear a watch to time herself during my home testing.
In addition, I made her practice essay writing based on the tips in the book.

Guess what happened? She received the second highest mark in the class on the ELA! All her classmates cheered for her when the teacher announced her grade. The principal stopped her in the hallway to congratulate her!
Aftee that, the teachers would say that she is very much improved, instead of talking like they expected her to fail. My husband told her teacher before the test that there was no way she would pass before I started studying with her, she shocked everyone!

Thanks for your responses, and feel better!!!!

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