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[FONT="Trebuchet MS"][SIZE="4"]IMO, the worse thing a parent can do is be afraid of the label. My exhusband didn't agree w/ the label, but as far as I'm concerned he doesn't have the right to say whether or not he agrees (I have full care, custody and control while he has reasonable visitation). He watched an episode of Dr Phil in which they were talking of food allergies and misdiagnosis of ADHD (this was a few years ago). We finally did more health testing to rule out anything else as a reason (did a blood workup to check for diabetes, thyroid and then did common food allergy testing). The only thing that came up was egg yolk and it wasn't even strong enough of a reaction to be considered an allergy. We did the extra testing because he was already on a high dose of Adderall XR and I felt we should at least look at the possibility before going to a higher dose or stronger medication. My son has been on stimulants since 5 and we just switched from Adderall XR to Concerta. Currently, my ex husband hasn't had any contact or communication w/ the kids in 2 yrs on his own doing. Maybe print up information about ADHD and the use of stimulants (email links if he has internet availability). That way he can read about it in his own time and after educating himself, he can rationally discuss the options available.[/SIZE][/FONT]

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