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Im in my mid-late 20's and a very healthy male. Except I was diagosed with ADHD when I was 17. I was on Adderall (regular - not XR) from age 17-23. I stopped taking it because, like everybody else who stopped taking their ADD medicine- I felt I didnt need it anymore :nono:

Fast forward 4 years. Ive caught myself for the past...god knows..3-4 years saying things "out loud" and having HORRIFIC memory with no ability to think, this has severely affected numerous friendships/professional relationships. I actually thought I had something physically wrong with my brain because Ive completely lost my "inside voice" and my mind races from thought to thought constantly. I bought 4 cars. I cant finish projects. This has caused significant grief in my professional/social/personal life. My friends/co-workers always seem irriated because Im always interrupting or not paying attention to them, or saying something out of character. Conversation with me- forget about it! I catch myself doing it later and think of what an idiot I was. Its like I cant pay attention or focus no matter what. Not to mention Im extremely hyper (have been my whole life - I was a "no sugar" kid my whole

So I did the right thing. I went back to my DR and told him that I wanted to be back on Adderall. He prescribed me Adderall XR 30mg 1x day and told me I should've never stopped taking it, like I did a few years ago. He felt the higher does was appropriate for me (6' 170lbs). I hope it is.

So my question is: Is adderall XR similar to regular adderall? I remember when I took regular adderall before it would come on sudden and fast and then the effect would slowly decline. I dont remember having trouble sleeping though or any of that kind of stuff. Can somebody who takes it give me support here, a few words of advice/encouragement? I havent filled the script yet and for some reason Im nervous about it :confused: :dizzy:

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