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Ok so Ive been taking Adderall XR 20mg once in the morning a day for 4 days now. The first 2 days, when the pill kicked in I would get a rapid heartbeat. It would go away in about an hour. Then when the pill wears off at night I get a rapid heartbeat for a minute or two. Im going to list a few things, sorry if it gets wordy, you dont have to respond to all of it.

I went on the web, researched this heartbeat phenomenom and apparently a lot of people have the same exact symptoms. Some people even have to lie down for a little bit after they take the pill and before it wears off because they get such a rapid beating heart and dizzy. So my #1 discussion for this thread is : How many people have experienced this? How long did it last, how did you cope?

On another note, yesterday I noticed that my breather is much more shallow. I mean, not in a bad way. Im just not breathing as fast and stressed out (you know ... "sssiiiiggghhh") as I used to. I thought maybe its because my mind isnt always racing (well not as much), not so many things on my mind at once, and I am more relaxed, less anxious. #2 discussion is: Did anybody else notice their breathing changed after taking Adderall XR?

Last but not least, right after I took Adderall for the first 3 days or so, about an hour or so later I could feel it kick in. I could only describe it as the feeling you get when taking off on a plane. I felt like I was getting anxious (like I do when I take off in an airplane) and like my body was being gravitated (pulled) down. LOL. I know it sounds weird but it wore off relatively quick (thinking about it- the feeling last about as long as taking off on the runway in a plane). So #3 discussion is does anybody feel strange when they first start taking it in the morning? And when it wears off? I can feel it when it starts to go bye-bye too...get sad a little bit.

On a positive note I realized today Im getting my patience back! I drive a lot for my job, and was a cussing, honking, aggressive driver before. I noticed today, while stuck in traffic, that I was calm as could be. I was irritated, but not like I used to when I would cuss and honk, etc etc. I also noticed that I have my compassion back. I was talking to my Aunt and found myself actually conversing (GREAT thing) and comforting her. I havent been like that in[I] years[/I]... probably since the last time I was on Adderall (regular) as a teen and in my early twenties. I can actually focus on a conversation, at least on the phone, and talked to my Aunt for 30 minutes. I havent talked to her for more than 3 minutes....EVER! lol.

So my conclusion is besides the little side effects Im having that a lot of people report, I am (so far) very satisified with the results. I wrote in my other thread that I got motivated and went through all of my bills! :D Ive been putting them off for [U]months[/U]. I even made an excel sheet documenting all of the Dr's names, phone #'s, my acct #'s, balance, balance due date, and made a column so I can track payments. Woo hoo! This is the old me. :cool:

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