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what kind of add drug is she on?
is she on strattera or an amphetamine?

if its strattera then tiredness is definetly a side effect...when i was on it my doc told me to take it at night before bed at a regular time...that really helped...

as well...if its amphetamine, upset stomach is the norm. i feel quite nauseous for the first few hours and have intense diareha and cramping. what i find helps me (im on adderall, and was on dexedrine for a long time) is that i set my alarm and take the pill an hour before i wake up, with a big glass of water and a piece of toast (i know it sounds wierd, but i keep them by my bedside table and prepare them the night before), then i go back to sleep for an hour. by the time i get out of bed, i feel much more rested and relaxed and I have to go to the bathroom, but its not so painful.

in general, eating about half hour before taking the pill will help with upset stomach problems, but eating very very small portions. and drinking water in sips helps with cramping.
also, maybe the dose is too old is your daughter?
im 22 and have been on and off adhd drugs since i was 12...
Gerd and ADD?
She have chronic sinus issues allergies?
Always in a haze?
Can not stay awake in a car for rides longer than an hour?
Wake up in the middle of the night?
Mouth breathe?
Still have her tonsils and adnoids?

Now I am really questioning diagnosis as well as dosage. 2 out of 100 children have sleep apnea. 1 in 5000 are diagnosed. Gerd is common in sleep apnea sufferers... really common.

no sinus or allergy

never seems to go into a "deep" sleep. Remembers very vivid dreams each morning.

No snoring. Dad has sleep apnea. Have not seen it in her.

Tonsils and adnords still in tact.

Blood work fully checked and rechecked on Monday and everything shows up fine.

Still very tired
She has the hereditary predisposition given her dad's apnea.. snoring is not necessary, mouth breathing is very common. Lack of deep sleep and the fatigue is making me think it would be worth a consultation with a sleep specialist just in case. Maybe the same one your husband sees.. that way the medical history is evident. In some cases it is not the tonsils but an elongated pallet causing the obstruction.. then there is good ole hypopnea.. shallow breathing where the person has too low blood O2 during sleep to promote deeper sleep and restorative sleep as a result. I have severe obstructive sleep apnea, my husband has hypopne based mild sleep apnea.. my son (almost 5) has severe sleep apnea (obstructive (20 events) and hypopnea (10 events) based) stops breathing 30x an hour with out his CPAP.

My son was not a big snorer.. but has been a mouth breather since birth.. I wasn't a snorer either.. I just did the strangle choke wake thing. My husband can shake the rough with his snoring.

I hope you find the answer soon. There is nothing worse than worrying over your child.


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