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thanks Bob (addprogrammer). when you say you were addicted to amphetamines, Im assuming you mean non-prescription?

i believe that the reason the boy has started to experience problems after a year of non-problems is b/c of the "over time" brother who is three years older wne through the same dexerine cycle that i did, and his first year and 3 months were perfect...he was thinking clearly, not reacting to his impulses, ect, and was enjoying life in general. but after 16 months things started to degenerate and he began having psychotic episodes and suffering real problems. he doesnt know why this happened, but it got really bad and he had a physical and mental breakdown...he was only on 20-25 mg of dex. he went to concerta, strattera, and on and on, but ended up back on dex b/c of its effectivness despite the side effects.

as for the getting speed at school, its unlikely. its more likely that he's abusing the adderall by either crushing it up and snorting it (its like cocaine ive been told, i know many people who do that) or he's taking excessive amounts in order to prolong the effect.

i hope that is not the case, and that the boy is experiencing some combination of what happened to my brother and i....that he was over-prescribed and for some reason, it took his body this long to realise it.

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