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Re: Adderall dosage
Oct 18, 2007
I am one of those people who takes 60mg of adderall a day. In probably the majority of medical publications I have seen and that are out there 30mg a day is listed as the highest standard dose. I am sure most people out there that are treated see a specialist in the sense that they see a pychiatrist and not just a primary physician, but when I say that I see a specialist I mean that my doctor specializes in treating add/adhd, and another mental illness, that I don't have, but my wife does and so I will not mention it here. My wife and I both have add/adhd. My wife is more innatentive and I am more hyper. It is sad but true, but many doctors do not like to treat patients, who have the illness my wife has. Many doctors, especially older ones, think that these patients are a lost cause and don't bother to try and treat them or, because they can be such difficult patients at times don't like to treat them. My wife and I moved half way across the country, and now still travel three hours thats just one way to work with this doctor, because of the world renouned work he has done in treating her other illness. He has patients that come from all over the world and work with him intensly for six weeks, because of how much he has done. Well when we went to go see him the first time I had not been on my medicine at all for sometime nor my wife, because we had moved and changed jobs our insurance had changed yada, yada, yada I did not have my meds, and I about drove him crazy, because I could not sit still. Well when we first arrived at the office while in the waiting room that had different postings and things up, and some of them were about his accomplishments and various things. We found out that his other specialty was in treating add/adhd, and he has written books on it and has videos out as well for treating add/adhd and the other illness he treats. So while I was driving him crazy he finally said ok I know your wife has add, because of her chart and I am going to be treating her for it as well as the other things, but have you ever been diagnosed with add/adhd? I of course said yes, and explained that I had not been on any meds and why, and part of it was the insurance I had was not as good at the time. He said not to worry about it he would do what he could to help with costs as I was one of the most hyperactive people he had ever met. He prescribed my wife 60mg of adderall xr a day. She takes one in the morning and one later in the day. She is on this higher dose, due in part to her other mental illness. Although it does not in anyway shape or form treat her other illness it does have a major indirect affect on her mental well-being. She was never diagnosed with add as a child and it was not till after she was diagnosed with her other mental illness after she had a break down half way into our marriage that she was told that she had add as well. I can not thank the doctor who diagnosed her with add enough, because when she started taking medicine initially for it, it made a major difference in how she felt. Now my understanding is that the reason why she takes 60mg twice a day and pretty spread out is so that the medicine is always present in her system. When I was not in school or at work I did not really need/even want to take medicine, and so the way I was always treated was I took medicine in the morning and then at night when it wore off it did not really matter and I really never took it on the weekends. I was on 15mg of dextroamphetamine for a long time. I at one point due to having class later in the evening during college took 20mg a day, because I took my time release capsul early, early in the morning and it wore off so I would take a short acting 5mg pill. The doctor I have now, who I have the highest respect for, and who has done more for my wife then I can begin to thank him for, and feel like if it were not for him I don't know if I would still be married, or if my wife would really be able to function, or for that matter if she would even be alive. When he first started treating me he changed my meds from the dex to adderall xr, and moved me up from 15mg to 30mg. I did not take medicine till I was older as my mom did not want me on it when I was little, and when I was old enough to understand it more still told my mom I did not want to take anything, because I did not want to feel different from the other kids. I always managed to get by, but my mom always had to go and talk to my teachers about me to help them know how to handle me etc. Well I eventually got to a point where I was not getting by and started taking medicine. I went from a 1.16 gpa to a 3.48 in one semester, and continued to do well and do ok at work so I felt like 15mg was plenty. I felt like I would not like the 30mg so you can imagine how I felt when after a few weeks of working with him he bumped me up to 60mg. What is interesting is I take it differently from my wife. She takes it at different times, but I was told to take both of them in the morning. I honestly thought the doctor was crazy at first, and thought I would just save the other pill and either know that I would always have an emergeny surplus like if we could not get any or if for some reason our insurance changed and we could not get it for my wife or even considered selling it. I thought about it and thought well I really like this doctor and respect him, and so let me follow his instructions and see what happens. When I went back to see him a few weeks later he asked me if I noticed a difference and I realized that, that was the first time since taking the 60mg that I had thought about it, which was the difference. Now let me explain what I mean when I was on 15mg of dex and even the 30mg of adderall xr my biggest complaint was that I was up and down a lot and that I would think about it how I was feeling a lot. In other words sometimes I would get into work and just get going, going, going like a mad man to the point where people would say your meds must really be working now, or I would get going on really silly things and get crazy about it like way to into it for what it was, then there would be times where I would space out totally, and times when I would be all over the place, and I would think to myself why is my medicine not working, or did I take my meds today. What I realized when the doctor asked me if I noticed a difference while taking the 60mg was that I did not think about until asked, because I was just having smooth productive days at work. I had not been up and down and spaced out or all over the place one minute and then working like a mad man the next. What I understand from him is that it is either just something in my brain or something to do with how I absorb things, but for what ever reason when I take the two at the same time due to the time release as the pills affect come in and out the two pills some how balance each other out, and so rather then being up and down I am just level. Again if I am not working or something like that I don't need it so much so I take two in the morning and so at night when they are not really working in my system any more no big deal, but then my wife needs it in her all the time so she is basically takes them so the as one is stopping from working she is taking another. I hope everything I tried to explain makes since, but as far as dosage goes although it is not the norm there are those of us out there who take as much as 60mg of adderall a day. As the standard highest dose is 30mg a day I would say anyone taking more is either a special case like my wife and I, and the doctor writting the rx is aware of that and truly helping them, but I am sure that is not always the case, and there are doctors out there that do things for the wrong reasons. I think the important thing really is finding what works for you, and the decision should be part yours part the doctors. Like I said I felt 60mg was way to much, before I started to actually take it, but realized it worked for me. If it had not and it made me feel not right I would have maybe done with the extras what I said above, but honestly probably just would have told my doc how it made me feel and tell him that we needed to change my dose. Well good luck

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