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Need advice
Oct 7, 2007
After so many many years of thinking I was just different from everyone else, I accidently came across an artical on ADD in adults and could not believe what I was reading. Many times I actually thought I was possesed with demons or something. I am now 57 years old and have wasted my whole life because no doctor ever even mentioned ADD or ADHD and I have repeately talked to drs on my feelings. I have always just been told it was depression or menopause or PMS or whatever. After reading this artical I went to my family dr and told him I think I am ADD even wrote all my symtoms down so I would not forget things. He just said I probably need to see a phycriatrist and that those medications were too over prescribed and gave me an appt. for a manogram. I started crying so bad and told him I just quit no one understands or wants to help. After a week I said to myself I can't take it anymore and found a phycriatrist and made an appt. Took the test and they said I definately showed ADD signs and also some bipolar systoms. He said he needed to calm my symtoms down before trying any medication for ADD. He put me on Lamictal for two weeks and said to come back then. This next Tuesday is my next appt. This medicine has calmed some of my crying spells but I feel no better. I am so worried that they will still not start me on the right medication and if they don't I am sure I will give totally up this time. Why can't I find the right dr., what am I doing so wrong. After reading everyones post and all the studies on ADD I have all my life had these problems ten times worse then most of the ones I have read. My daughter who is 36 has screamed at me saying I cause all my problems because I am so disorganized and never finish anything and always put things off until the last minute. My husband puts me down so bad saying I have no friends and that I never finish anything and can't hold a job, never have even watched a full movie on tv, just can't seem to focus that long on anything. I have always thought and told everyone that I have a black cloud over me and feel bad things will happen to anyone that even comes close to me.

My advice I need is how can I convince my doctor Tuesday that I am desperate to be treated and I don't think I can go another two weeks or longer to try other antidepressents, I have tried them all over the years and none have ever made me feel better. I really need help now. It has been almost five weeks now and why do so many other people get help right away and (the story of my life) yet any dr I see just keeps putting me off.
Please has anyone had this problem trying to get treated and how did you finally convince your dr. to at least try something other than antidressents.

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