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adderall calms me down is this normal? Any advise is very much appreciated.

The calming effect is good - it is controlling the hyeractivity. Since Adderall is calming you it should also be helping with focus/concentration. That's why it is prescribed for ADHD.

You have to be careful about "adjusting" your dose without pdoc consent/knowledge. But it appears that your shot in the dark worked. So, yes, call pdoc and explain the Adderall quits around 5PM and restlessness is back. Many of us, self included, experience ADHD rebound - the restlessness back with a vengence. Ask if you can take another 10mg at 5PM. More in AM won't work for evening control, in fact, may make it worse - the rebound thing.

You might use "discretion" about telling pdoc you did the deed and it works. Adderall is highly abused and docs for good reason don't like it when patients "kick it up a notch" on their own.

[QUOTE=lb07maricopa;3255315]adderall calms me down is this normal? i?
Any advise is very much appreciated.

Thank you for any advise you can offer before i go see him.

Time to do the bad puppy thing. Tell doc how sorry you are. You'll never do it again. You did not relize how dangerous it was. Blah, blah, blah.

He already knows your motive or you wouldn't have fessed up.

He wanted to scare you. It worked. Make sure he knows it worked.

And, of course, don't do it again.

Thank you so much for the advise. lb
Hey Bob,
I was initially given 40mg straterra samples for my condition...but i stopped
it cause i didnt really like it much.
It depends.

Strattera is an indirect stimulant. That is, Strattera really is an antidepressant with stimulanting properties.

Adderall, as you know, is a stimulant. The two together can raise BP too high in some people. So be careful and monitor BP couple times a day until you know how you react.

If your BP stays with normal range, Strattera can augment Adderall and reduce the Adderall dose needed for efficacy. Adderall can reduce the Strattera nastiness many experience. For some it's a plan that works.


Don't do it without Doc's knowledge and consent. Adderall has killed people. Adderall/other drug coctails have killed even more people. We play with fire. Be careful.

Okay, thanks Bob. I really appreciate you :)
:dizzy: [QUOTE=lb07maricopa;3262497]Okay, thanks Bob. I really appreciate you :)

Hi Bob,

You gotta stop self-medicating with booze. Adderall and booze is a very dangerous mix.

Your doctor so far has made only one mistake - but it is a big one - he did not believe you when you told him Adderall does not affect your sleep.

You really cannot get in legal trouble by taking the drug at 5PM as long as you do not go over the prescribed dose.

What slays me is why did he prescribe another 20mg when you told him 10mg works for you. Ok, the bozo made two big mistakes.

Cut the 20mg in half and take 10mg at 5PM per your covert experiment that you told the whole world about. You'd make a terrible spy. :D Most doctors wisely seek the lowest dose that works. You are right, your guy is nuts.

The 10mg in the evening should help with the boozing.

Adderall can have a paradoxical sleep inducing effect. Its suppression of hyperactivity can be stronger than its usual "keep awake" property. I have heard of others that sleep better with a relatively low dose in the evening.


You sound too much like me when I was young - ingested any damn thing to feel better. Because I survived it, don't mean you will.

Please be careful.

Ok, I will. Thank you and have a great weekend!;)

Read my second post to Goody2Shuzs. You'll learn how I know how doctors react to do-it-yourself prescription adjustments.

I read your post to goody2shusz - wow, what a nightmare.. Im glad though that you finally figured out what worked well for you.
Thanks though Bob, for all your help and great advise.:)

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