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Re: On average..
Oct 18, 2007
I feel really sorry for you if you have to try to pay for adderall without the help of insurance. My wife and I moved and changed jobs about two years ago, and so we had a change in insurance as well. We both take 60mg of adderall xr a day, and we ran out and went to fill a rx. Well our new insurance required a pre auth from our doc and it was a Friday when we went to fill, and so we knew it would not be until Monday that we could even notify our doc of the situation, and so even longer before we actually got our meds. I can go with out my meds I just am not as affective at work and struggle through the day more, but as my wife has our mental illness that are not directly treated with the adderall, but have a major indirect affect on how she is able to manage her other illness so it is really important she has her medicine, and so we asked how much it would cost to fill her rx without the insurance and for a months worth of pills it would have cost us almost $600. Now we both take 30mg 2 times a day so that was for 60 pills of the highest mg, and so depending on how many you take and of what mg it might not be as bad. I at one point had a insurance that did not cover much so I had to get generic pills, which for adderall xr there is not one. The good thing about the xr is it's time release, and generic type is not, and so I had to take it differently. Normally I take both my pills in the morning, because of the way my body absorbs things this works best for me. On the others I had to take it at different times and I was up and down all the time sometimes I would be like a mad man just going and going and getting to focused and at other times I would have prefered to stair at a blank wall then focus, but it was better then nothing. Anyway I hope this helps

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