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Adderall & Xanax
Oct 16, 2007

okay, Im the right guy to answer your question. I did it for eight years. Adderall in the day and ativan at night. DONT DO IT. It will catch up with you. DO NOT GET ADDICTED TO BENZOS!!! Coming off benzos is the worst hell there is. I was functioning for those eight years but anxiety slowly got worse and worse. Finally it broke down. I had a traumatic event in my life and my anxiety hit the roof. I could no longer tolerate the adderall. After eight years of adderall I had to learn to cope without it. There are withdrawals from stopping stimulants after long term. They are more anxiety. So I upped the benzos and got addicted to more benzos.
Let me tell you about benzos. They are Seriously only for short term use. If you take them for over a month on a daily basis you will become phisically addicted to them. You build tolerance to them and they lose their anxiolytic effect. Unless you continually up your dose you will plateau and they will do you no good for anxiety. If you take a short acting benzo, like xanax, and only at night you can have interdose withdrawals during the afternoon. Which is more anxiety. so unless you constantly up your dose, the benzos will actually generate more anxiety. Then when you try to discontinue the benzos the withdrawal is incredible anxiety. Benzos block the gaba receptors in your brain. GABA is produced by your brain as a natural way of calming itself. If you take benzos for a long time your brain stops producing its own GABA. The only way to get off benzos is to taper back the dose very slowly and let your brain take back its calming functions itself. People hooked on benzos can have traumatic tapers that take up to a year to complete. I have been tapering for six months, and I am only half way off. I cant put into words the hell I have gone through thus far, and they say it gets worse towards the end. I have read about people having problems with even very light doses of benzos, and in as little as 4 weeks. I realize your doc said only take 3 times a week or something, but man just dont mess with those things, they can turn into a nightmare real quick. An can take years to recover from.
adderall is great but its speed. you cant do it your whole life. you will get to depend on it psychologically. After my traumatic event I noticed my resting pulse was 120. The adderall made me sharp as a tack, but its gonna kill me in the end. I gotta learn to live without it. Its not sustainable. I miss it tho, Feel like a slug now, but its getting better. When I first stopped the adderall I was convinced I just couldnt function without it. But you know its been a few months and Im finding I can. I think im gonna live longer this way. I dunno all I can say is been there done that, it was a mistake.
I fear that too many times people blame the medication they are taking for both the good things and the bad things they experience. We are in treatment and on medication because our minds are intense, powerful, hurt, different, than other people's. I can speak for myself and say that I have been taking Adderall/temazepam combo for two years. Temazepam is intermitten, but on average "almost" every night." I take Ativan during the day if and when I am feeling really anxious. I have never felt out of control, or had a serious breakdowns, problems, anything that would tell me to stop taking medication. I have however, experience increased anxiety, depression, worry, fear, as stresses in my life wax and wane. Again, I only speak for myself, but medication has only helped me, not hurt me. I have been assured by my Psych that my medication regime is perfectly safe. I have learned through therapy how stresses in life cause problems, not medication.

Granted, I am not talking about uncomfortable side effects or meds that don't work. If that is the case, then a person must find the right combo for them. But I do not fear being addicted to a medication. I need the medications I take, but I feel like the demonization of such medications cause people to think that needing them is "bad." And this leads to us forgetting that our own brains cause us problems, and maybe it's us, and not the medications. Again, life is a waxing and waining of stress and anxiety for me.

I understand the original poster to this thread has his/her own individual experience, but for people like us who read these boards, and deal with anxiety issues, attention issues, etc, fear is our worst enemy. And I want to offer a contrary opinion to the original post to ease anyone's fears. In my opinion from personal experience, and from being in therapy for many years, benzo's are not necessarily ONLY for short term use. And they are NOT necessarily the root to our problems. Never forget our own brains, capable of sending us into a tizzie when life brings stress upon us. Heck, even a strong cup of coffee can send me in the wrong direction.

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