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All these suggestions are helpful. It is unclear to me why we are told drugs correct a chemical imbalance that still cannot be actually properly diagnosed or may not even exist. The very chemicals they mention kids need are neurotransmitters which are actually created by food. Drugs simply over-stimulate, not create the actual chemicals.

Chemical imbalance is effected by lifestyle very much, as most know the foods we eat turn into those chemicals(aka neurotransmitters) from amino acids. So good food can create needed chemicals. Exercise, due to increases in oxygen, feeds our bodies as well. On the other hand, toxic chemicals ingested or inhaled can upset chemical balance, or even deplete our nourishment, or create electrolyte imbalances which effect our brain and nervous system.

Stress, emotions can upset our bodies by using up valuable nutrient resources. Kids(and parents alike) are under enormous stress these days. Now while they've learned recently that a large majority of ADDers have a tendency to show delayed develpment in their brain region that controls focus and attention, a normal brain that is subjected to various stresses, chemicals and lack of amino acids could still be impaired or less optimal.

So lifestyle certainly factors in. Emotional issues also may factor in. I notice myself, when presented with an upsetting problem, its extremely hard to concentrate on simple things. Once the problem is resolved, the concentration improves. Unfortunately in life, some upsetting problems don't necessarily resolve or go away and those things can create not only distraction but undesirable behaviors. I've seen normally wonderful people become jerks because of problems. I have been one myself at different times in my life, so it takes one to know one as they say.

I've also gone through periods of time where I throw nutrition out the window and barely exercised. I'm telling you, as someone who's taken good care of myself, I could absolutely tell the difference during those times, both mentally(what day is it, what year again?)and physically (ok, this is what it's like to be out of shape, ugh..)And stressful times, forget it, I might as well be a stone statue for how productive I will be or get things done.

Improving diet and lifestyle has helped so many people feel better, concentrate better, work better, both mentally and physically. The problem is how to achieve this, we can get alot of good tips here and other places so that helps.

I think drugs are sold as the absolute answer, that this is all some neurological problem which amazingly doesn't have any physical neurological symptoms. Drugs can also be very harmful to the body, especially at young ages although people have different tolerances to effects on their brains and bodies, so some will do ok for some years but still risk complications if drug is continued for life.

So exploring non-drug methods is a legitimate right; no parent should be told they are mistreating their kids for wanting to protect their health and should always have that option.

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