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[QUOTE=flintrock;3214541]Also, the most important part of taking this drug is that it is habit forming......I had a friend who used to take it for energy, got addicted to it, 2 years later she died of a heart attack at 32[/QUOTE]

this was very disturbing to read... that your friend died at 32 after becoming addicted to this medication. Was it the medication, or was ur friend maybe predisposed to cardiovascular disease?
My pych of 3 years just recently put me on adderall 20mg 2x/day. He did not test me for ADD/ADHD, was very reluctant to do so, but finally relented, after i insisted that this is what i needed because a family member was just diagnosed with ADD. (he started me on straterra, but i hated it.)
..for the past 5 or so years, I have been taking, on and off: paxil, buspar, xanax, effexor. Recently, just the paxil for anxiety and depression and effexor for depression (although drinking and binging all the while).

I started out with this psychiatrist due to terrible episodes of anxiety, depression and restlessness...after many years of suffering with these problems, i had developed short term methods of self-medicating; alchohol, food (ed), and for 6 years meth. (which stopped almost immediately after my xhsband left- i could never get up the nerve to go to neighborhoods where it was sold out of fear). The (ed - bulimia started at 18)
After starting the adderall, I Immediately noticed that i felt calmer when i took it. especially in the evening when the restlessness was almost unbearable (So restless, I felt like i would rather be asleep or out of it rather than awake)
Now after two weeks of taking it, for the first time since i was 18, aside from when i was self-medicating, , i feel normal (if i know what that is). I dont feel famished so i dont overeat, I dont feel wound up and achey or sore, i can sit and watch a movie or read a book and dont feel like i need to get up every 10 minutes to do something, so, i dont feel like i have to head straight to the fridge after work for a beer as soon as i walk in the door (I used to be so wound up and tense, my shoulders were in pain and sore, i hated it!! - i had to drink) Got up to a 12pk/day or more to releive the tension and restlessness., pass out on the couch, spill booze all over the floor; go to bed at 3am, get up and go to work. Horrible way to go thru life, I know and have thought so for so many years and have come to accept it. My loving husband of 12 years is wonderful and never complains.

anyway, i just wonder after all this self-medicating, am i an addict/have an addictive personality/in danger of becoming addicted to d-amphetamines?

thanks for any thoughts.

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