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There are lots of meds out there now that are used for people who are diagnosed with ADD. This is because everyone is different in how they react to different meds. What works for me may not work for you.

Ritalin really does make a difference for me. I can focus when I've taken my pill and I am a space cadet when I skip a pill. I, like you, am in my 50's, and have frittered away my life dabbling at what interests me but never acheiving anything.

The thing to keep in mind is that drugs (may) help you to focus, but they will [U]not[/U] help you to change the bad habits of a lifetime. Once you are diagnosed and you start trying out various meds to see what (may or may not) work for you, I suggest that you look for ways to help you get some structure in your life. Studying works best in an environment where you [U]have[/U] to do homework and turn it in on a regular basis. This could be in a group where the others are depending on you to learn your music so that you can perform at the local gym on a specific date, or an adult education course where you are learning music theory, or whatever. ADD coaches can help with how to structure your day to get done all the things that you want to do.

The point here is that those of us with space-cadet ADD may have lots of passionate interests (mine is oil painting) and lots of talent (or so our friends keep telling us :cool: ), but without a deadline or structured class or a group that depends on us to hold up our part of the responsibility, we won't be a whole lot more productive on drugs than we were without.

To answer your original question, yes, Ritalin helps me to focus and may help you. But that is only the start of trying to make some changes in your life. As I write this response, I realize that I am writing this response to myself.

I wish you luck in finding something that helps you.


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