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Ritalin (methylphenidate) has a relatively short efficacy span. There are extended release versions such as Ritalin LA, Concerta, Metadate and others.

The devil is that stimulant meds can keep us awake longer than they can offset our inability to focus. So all extended release products are designed to quit after supposedly 12 hours. Many adults, self included, do not get anywhere near 12 hours out of them.

Not an insurmountable problem. You can sequence IR (Immediate Release) doses so that you have focus when you need it. Methylphenidate's short life can be used to your advantage. I can take 10 mg at around 5PM with lights out at 11PM. Maybe you can too.

Another option is Adderall. Adderall is more powerful and longer acting. That means you can take less and sequence doses over longer spans.

Let's go back to Rheanna's comment to the effect that we all respond differently. So very true. Your doctor must try different meds and delivery systems at initially lowest practical dose, titrating up to higher doses for him to determine what works for you. It is helpful for both your doctor and you to have a psychologist intermediary that can provide some evidence based documentation on the meds efficacy along with much needed counseling to help us unlearn all the bad habits we developed because of our disorder and replace with good habits or at least something that resembles good. :)

Humor helps. Believe me. They call it a "disorder" cause it screws up our lives and makes us miserable. Makes sense.

Yeah, it can get time consuming and expensive. So do what you can. Give it time, but be assured the process will eventually produce results.

Don't wanna rock no more? Why not? A few days ago, I blasted some 70's vintage Mahavishnu Orchastra "tunes." Damn hot stuff.



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