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it really depends on how bad you have ADD and how it affects you. my husband has ADD... he's never been diagnosed, but he definitely has ADD. he's obviously never been on meds for it, as he's never been diagnosed, but he's always succeeded at what he sets out to do...

my husband is a pilot, and he does work for the government, and he is [I]great[/I] at it. it's one of the things i learned a long time ago about ADD... if you're interested in something, it comes pretty easy inspite of having ADD! my husband is an excellent pilot because he LOVES flying. as far as the rest of his job.... well, he's pretty good at it, but there's a lot of little detail work (nothing to do with flying the plane, just a lot of bureaucratic stuff that happens on the ground!) that i know he could do so much easier if he was on medication!

here's a non-work example (so i don't get him in trouble!) of how he functions.... when he goes to mow the yard, he promises me he'll only be an hour and then he will get back in and help me feed the kids lunch and put them down for their naps. so he starts off edging the driveway, but then he sees that the flowerbeds are full of weeds so he starts weeding. halfway through the first flowerbed, he notices that there seems to be a lot more bugs than usual, so he goes and gets the bug spray stuff so he can treat the house again. while treating the house for bugs, he notices the trashcans are still out on the street so he goes to bring them in, but then notices the mail has come so he passes the trash cans and goes to the mailbox. the neighbor across the street is out in his garage so my husband yells hello to him. that starts off at least 20 minutes worth of conversation.... usually longer! eventually neighbor asks him what he's doing outside that day, and husband remembers he's mowing the lawn. so he finally gets back to edging.... and that's the extremely short version. usually there's something to do with cleaning out the storage shed, and the garage, and then the car needs washing, the oil needs changing, the tires need air, etc! makes me CRAZY!!!

i will say though, that he is doing much better lately, since we changed our diet. i posted a thread yesterday called "interesting" and talked about eliminating certain artificial colors and preservatives and such from our diets. Joe, if you are serious about becoming a pilot, try doing the things i talked about in that post and see if that doesn't help control your ADD. also, regular exercise (20-30 minutes a day), and a healthy amount of sleep (studies show that [I]most[/I] people regularly need between 6-8 hours) can help too.

if you are serious about wanting to be a pilot, you cannot have ADD in your medical history! too many things can go wrong, and they don't want to get sued. like if the plane crashed, and it came out the pilot had ADD, the natural conclusion would be that his ADD caused the crash. even if the plane was shot down by an alien ship from mars, somehow the media would make it the pilot's fault because his ADD that caused the alien ship to shoot his plane!

anyway, don't get diagnosed if you want to be a pilot....

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