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Wow, I don't know how these meds work exactly, but if he's been on it for several years and has done okay, I would wonder if it's something else causing this. My son became moody and irritable around 10 or 11, and he's not on any medication, so I attributed it to early puberty and hormones. Did your son not having any trouble sleeping all these years taking the strattera at night?

AP, I guess you are saying I should keep having her take it in the am? Do you know anything about this med and if it works well. She suffers mainly from anxiety, which my doctor thinks stems from the add.

I was on Strattera for a few months. I have no experience beyond that time frame.

Strattera is associated with a high incidence of male sexual side effects. I do not know the consequences of the onset of puberty and Strattera - certainly something to monitor.

ADHD meds work by stimulating our CNS. The ADHD brain appears to have problems with dopamine and norepinephren regulation - neurotransmitters involved with focus and many other functions. Unfortunately the current ADHD meds are not target specific. Medical science has thousands of PET scans that clearly display the understimulated areas. PET scans show how the brain is reacting under load - very important - because the difference is not readily apparent otherwise, that is, when the subject is not trying to conventrate. To date, though, researchers have been unable to develop a med that targets just those regions. It comes down to which med has the least side effects. It varies greatly from person to person.


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