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Just an update and some observations. My daughter (19) started taking Strattera this past summer after being diagnosed with ADHD. She took it for several months before she noticed that it was not as effective as it had been. She is in her second year of college and was still having difficulties concentrating. She made an appointment with our family doctor and was switched to Adderall. She started with 10mg and jumped up to 30mg. The doctor thought she seemed a little "hyper" so the dosage was reduced to 20mg per day. My daughter is doing really well now as far as grades are concerned. She's turning in A work in most of her classes (Astromony is a toughy!). I did notice that while on Strattera her personality was "less forceful", which I liked, but maybe it wasn't her. I think she noticed that too. On Adderall she is still "edgy" but I really think that is just who she is. I have noticed, as well, that she has had some weight loss. She claims that she is eating, and I just witnessed her power down a considerable amount of food! Does anyone know if the weight loss concern regarding Adderall is that there is a loss of appetite or is it that one's metabolism is increased so much that eating normal amounts of food can still lead to weight loss? That is my only concern right now regarding this medication. Everything else seems to be producing positive results.

Generally, it's just loss of appetite. It may be she's still eating, but maybe not as much for lunch right after her medicine, for example.

I have heard that the weight loss thing is more pronounced in children, as childrens' eating is more governed by hunger and adult hunger responds more to external cues. (for whatever that's worth)

Are we talking dangerous weight loss, or shedding 4 or 5 pounds she didn't need anyway? Often the weight loss goes away by itself after a few months.

I find that eating before I take it keeps my food intake up.
Thanks for responding so quickly! My daughter is quite petite to begin with so the weight loss was noticeable. I think it was around 10 pounds. She's 5'6" and now weighs about 115. She really can't afford to lose anymore. She takes Adderall in the morning so I shall suggest to her that she take it with a large breakfast. Might be hard to do considering that college students tend to roll out of bed just in time for class. But, I'll tell her that the suggestion comes from someone who has experience, not her "clueless mother". I'll be keeping an eye on this though. It is good to know that in most cases the weight loss does subside. If it gets worse I definitely will have her talk to her doctor. She has another appointment at the end of this month. I would think that if they noticed a huge weight loss they would address it!?!?!?!


PS Daughter just walked in the room and I explained the eating a large meal before taking Adderall and she seemed quite agreeable to that!

Glad to her daughter is doing well. Maybe you can help me with my problem.

Nothing curbs my appetite and ABSOLUTELY nothing prevents me from gaining weight. I was 175 up till 30yo then something bad, no, something EVIL happened - to me.

I seemed to have developed TATGAD. (Think About Tasties Gain Alot Disorder)

What should I do?


PS On a serious note. The weight loss thing almost always goes away after a few months. Even when stimulants are prescribed for weight loss - they usually stop working in about same time.
My daughter also switched from Strattera to Adderall during college. It was the best thing she ever did. She went from a 2.0 to 3.8....from struggling to being successful. She increased her dose this year to 20 mg. She is 5'3" and maybe 106-108 lbs. I noticed a slight weight loss but I think this is mostly dietary and lifestyle. One more semester to go! Don't know how this would have ever happened without Adderall.

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