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Welcome to the board. You've asked some very intelligent questions and I'll try to answer a few.

-If I take my 1st pill in the AM, should i skip my morning coffee? Will that be too much stimulant?[/QUOTE]

You decide. The stimulation of 5mg of Ritalin is about the same as a strong cup of coffee. That does not mean that you can substitute coffee for Ritalin because caffeine effects the brain very differently. That being said, a strong cup of coffee and 5mg of Ritalin will double the load on your heart. Everyone gets nervous when we talk "stressing" the heart. A healthy heart can handle an enormous increase in load over sitting with no difficulties. Otherwise we'd all croak as soon as we tried to run or lift heavy loads, etc. Some people experience heart palpitations from caffeine alone. Which brings us to your next questions.

-I read somewhere that Ritalin slows down the heart a little and increases the blood pressure a little.

Yep, for most people that is true. Stimulants cause our hearts to pump harder therefore the heart doesn't have to pump as often. The harder pump does increase blood pressure.

I had some palpatations at 11 pm on the night when I took 15 mg. I also noticed some when it was wearing off. Is that because the effect is wearing off and my heart is speeding up to normal again? Also,how could I feel these effects so late at night if my last dose was at 3 pm?

You should report the above to your doctor. The palpitations could be nothing or could be red flagging you.

You might consider discontinuing the Rit until after consulting with Doc.


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