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I know this is a tough one to answer, but I would like some feedback if possible.

I am an adult male....48 yrs old. I have never taken any meds and have never realized I had ADD until I got married a few years ago. I researched ADD and found out that I had all the symptoms of ADD without the hyper activity. The biggest issues affecting my relationship with my wife, is my overall forgetfulness and absent-mindedness. I decided to see a Psychiatrist (spel?) and was diagnosed with ADD and she wants me to "try" Ritalin. She said start with 5mg per day/twice a day and add +5 mg each day until you get undesirable side effects. I felt someone "zombied" at 15mg and was OK with 10, so now I am taking 10 per day/twice a day.

Question is....I dont "feel" that much different on the Ritalin, so does that mean my ADD symptons aren't bad enough to warrant meds? How long do I need to give it a chance for? 1 week? 2? Will it help my short term memory improve at all? I have read some folks that "couldn't get anything accomplished" without the meds and that's certainly not me. I can function pretty well without them, but was looking to increase the quality of my life, along with making things better for my wife and our relationship. I have all the ADD symptoms, but I don't think it's "that bad". Should I stay away from the meds and just deal myself "as is" or take the meds and hope for a little improvement? Also, if Ritalin doesn't do much, is it worth it to try Adderol? I really don't like the thought of being on meds the rest of my life, but I also don't want my wife to be complaining about me all the time.

Here is a list of my symptoms:

-get distracted very easily, but CAN focus if I really want to.
-have a hard time getting started, but when I do am usually OK.
-procrastinate doing things I dislike
-sometimes forget where I leave keys, wallet, etc.
-forget to put away things when I am done with them
-get obsessed with different hobbies for a while, then get bored and move on to something else
-sometimes feel a bit "spacey", but feel I am very smart in general.
-always told "not performing up to potential" as a child in school
-not motivated to do great at school or work...just do "enough" to get average results
-have a hard time completing things....start things and move onto something else midway

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