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[QUOTE=BffJill;3356936]I was just diagnosed with ADD. I'm 27.
So far I haven't taken the meds (adderall) b/c while I'd love to be able to pay attention to tasks/people/ya know, I'm scared that ADD has sort of shaped my personality. I tried to talk to my psychiatrist about it, but he's sort of a dick who says things like, you gotta make a choice..yada yada.
Anyway, I love my personality; it's sort of off-the-wall kinda weird and maybe a little, how you say, "abnormal", but no one worth spending time with has ever complained. My boyfriend calls me insane, but he totally has that twinkle in his eye the entire time.
My question is, will my personality disappear along with my inability to concentrate?[/QUOTE]

Jill, let me tell you that was my biggest fear with the thought of meds...
I'm a 51 year old male who didn't fit the mold of many ADD folks growing up. I was an excellent student all the way through college and some grad classes (with a 150+ IQ), but most of that was getting stuff done in the nick of time.
I really was afraid of how my intellect, memory (great for trivia, bad for faces and other stuff) and personality would be affected by meds. I finally had to realize I couldn't manage ADD on my own so I decided to try.

I've been on 40mg of Strattera once a day (morning) now for 3 months and it's made a world of difference. I'm getting things done, remembering things and even sleeping better since I'm not worrying about what I haven't gotten done. My wife even laughs at my jokes more since she's not mad at me most of the time.

Give one a try...if it doesn't work try another one. I just happened to hit paydirt the first time.

Good luck and God bless.....

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