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Ive been taking Adderall XL 20mg for a few months now and started getting heart palpitations so bad that Ive been very close to passing out :confused: Im only 27, slim build, male with no history of heart problems. Ive taken Adderall (regular dose) for about 7 years, then I stopped taking it and went back and got a new prescription a few months ago.

I stopped taking Adderall for a month and the palpitations are getting worse. I have an appt with a cardiologist tomorrow.

Ive been a wreck without my Adderall. I cannot sleep at night (just like before the adderall) because my mind races with thoughts. Im scattered at work and have no motivation to finish tasks. I cannot converse very well because I cant focus. I need "something" for my ADD and adderall has always worked. Now Im faced with taking adderall and possibly dying?!?!

Has anybody else had palpitations or the like while on Adderall?

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