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"Used drugs unwisely" - Now, that is called TACT. Have you thought about running for office?


Take Strattera and you'll never want sex again. :mad: Now, let's see, what is the next problem I can "solve" for you.

The only way I can "kill" my hyperactivity is to exhaust myself with physical exertion.

Try to find something that you enjoy doing, can do regularly and is physically demanding.

I live in the country, own 17 acres of trees so took up lumberjacking. (I burn the wood for suplemental heat). It works for wonders for my hyperactivity.

I read an article about lumberjacks in one of the Scandinavian countries. The article was lamenting that the lumberjacks are getting fat and dying of heart attacks because of mechanization. They got these humongous machines that do all the work. The operaters burn as many calories as a computer programmer. They use to burn 8,000 calories per day and were healthy as oxens.

It is brutally hard work, fun and dangerous as can be. Solves many of my issues.

Timmmmmberrrrrrr ......


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