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Hello everyone I have some questions for you. My 10 year old son takes 20mgs. of adderrall xr.daily and has done so for the past year.for the past 3 months he has developed some disturbing behaviors like uncontrolled anger,punching walls screaming at me and his father,wild screaming outburst,and his adderall does not seem to be working.It is very hard to get him to go to sleep at night.I thought the 20mgs. would be enough help for him( HE JUST WEIGHS 65 LBS) but now I am just not sure. Any advice or suggestions? Thank You, Pattirat
my brother took adderall xr and he had very similar reactions to it after taking it for awhile. i personally believe there is no possible way anyone can predict how fast or slow a time release pill can break down in a person's body and i will NEVER get on time release pills because of that. i believe in my brother, the xr started breaking down WAY too fast and hit him all at once and caused the horrible anger and mood swings and such. perhaps this is happening to your son??? perhaps it didn't show earlier because his body/metabolism was still adjusting to it before? as you may know, adderall speeds up the metabolism, so perhaps after the first 9 months his metabolism started breaking the adderall down too fast? just a lot of educated guesses here.

to solve the problem, my brother started taking regular adderall twice a day and it has made a world of difference. he's been taking it twice a day for about 6 months now and he is doing fantastic. no more anger issues at all!!!

i've taken regular adderall twice a day for over a decade now and it's been amazing for me. i've always taken between 20-40 mgs a day and have never had any problems with it at all, except when i tried generic and that didn't work!

i'd recommend going back to the doctor and getting a prescription for regular adderall to take twice a day.
You definitely want to talk to his doctor about this. Changing to the immediate release form might help. Or, changing his dose might help.

If those don't take care of the problem, I think you gotta ask yourself if it's worth it. At this point, it sounds like the med is doing him more harm than good.

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