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First, I am a 58 year old female and will apologize up front for the length of this message, but I am in dire need of advise, tips, etc. Amazingly, my GP was the FIRST to suggest ADD in 2004 and I laughed at him! I have suffered with depression for over 20 years; was hospitalized in 2005 and after the studies, questions, histories,questions, studies, histories, and on and on, the psychiatrist gave diagnosis of ADD in addition to depression I was one who really thought that the ADD thing was a bunch of garbage and was a label to place on little boys in school who were just full of energy (like my diagnosed 10 year old grandson). After all was said and done and I was forced to think about my situations from childhood on, yep, I am an adult with ADD. Problem for me is that I also have the sleeping disease, narcolepsy. Same drugs can be used to treat both, but I have had lots of problems getting right dosage and med. Was on Adderal 20 mg am and 20 mg 1:00 p.m.; still got "wiped out" and had to sleep for at least an hour around 4:00pm. and focusing and staying on track was minimal. Now dr. is trying 30 mg. amphetamine/ dextroamphetamine (a generic) 30 mg. in am and 30 mg at 1:00. ADD is really progressively going from bad to worse; just two examples of many that I could give: lost key to my daughters new home last night (she gave it to me yesterday afternoon); my house has stuff strung out all over it. Lost MY main set of keys today (daughter's key not on my key ring). Have been trying to get some important paperwork done for two weeks and not able to "settle into" it. I am constantly battling with these kinds of things. I have hired a lady (which I absolutely cannot afford) to come in four hours once a week to "keep me on track". Last time she was here, we got into cleaning out a walk-in closet that was filled with old computer monitors, keyboards, cords, tax records that were 12 years old, etc., but didn't get the stuff cleared away before her four hours were up. Couldn't afford her this past 10 - 12 days and everything is in a shambles once again. It's like going in a vicious circle. When things are in order, I am okay. But, if ONE thing occurs that is different from the "norm" ..... like a rod falling down in my closet, spilling clothes in the floor, trying to organize a space, etc, ...... then I am back in the same old trap. Those things don't get finished and other daily things like laundry, etc., just start stacking up and I don't know where to begin to get things back in order again.
This is my first time on a message board; enrolled today; ANY HELP or "tricks" that you ADD Adults have found that work for you and that you use to keep your lives as uncomplicated and uncluttered as possible will be so very much appreciated. I have tried lists and delegating a specific time for a task, just to find that I am going from one task to the other and not completing any. I am truly at my wits end.

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