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He's 15. If he doesn't complain you're too strict at least sometimes, you aren't doing your job as a parent.

If you think he's spending too much time on the video game, then limiting it is quite reasonable. When he's not playing, how is his schoolwork and socialization? Is he at least getting by?

As far as meds go, it sounds like he would be strongly opposed, and he's old enough that his opinion does matter. If he doesn't want 'em, forcing him would probably be counterproductive.

What most newly diagnosed ADD teens or adults need is to learn to be organized, learn some sort of system to keep their lives in order. Someone has to teach him--but I don't think it can be his parents, that generally goes poorly even when you don't already have a power struggle going on. Can you possibly get a neutral party involved in helping him.
Dear Maxwell
in your reply..."We are gradually trying to get him to accept this and rise to the challenges he will be faced with. He believes we are unfairly pressuring him to be responsible and trying to completely manage his life. He believes his symptoms and our concerns are more about him being a teenager. He thinks, we as parents, are too strict."
It is going to be a challenge for all of you in your family not only just for your son so let me ask you this question How do you feel by your child telling you that your being to strict with him? This is the barrier between you and your child before he can accept some things to change you as well have to also accept some things and change too not just him. The facts are yes he is a teenager that is relevant because he is 15 yrs old. Also, he has been diagnosed with ADD so as a parent you can treat the medical conditon with medication if needed to be but not the child as a human being you have to treat him with respect. So your faced with 2 challenges 1> as a parent and 2> a medical condition so you have to treat them separately. If not, your going to have a rebellious child. As parents we don't come with handbooks on how to raise our children it is all by trial and error so we learn from others but the best person you can learn from is your own child believe me .... Really! which is why your here looking for advice. My oldest child whom is now 19 I learned it all on my own the things he said to me were so hateful made me mad and everyday I questioned myself what am I going to do and what can I do to change this I can't deal with it anymore. So I did just that I changed and then he changed I was astonished like wow. You have to remember us parents are not perfect we are still trying to grow up to like we expect our children to do grow up that is...they truely learn from us so you just have to step back and listen to them what they say to us may hurt our ego's as parents but I tell you what they are right they see what we don't want to see or accept turn the tables just a little you will be amazed is going to be hard to accept that but when you do accept it your child will accept some things too. "Don't do as I do as I say" this is the problem they do as you do and there not going to do what you say your child can be your best friend mine is I can talk to him he is smart and I give him alot of credit and he also respects me just as I respect him.... good luck!!!! I hope everything works for the best for you and your son....and your family..

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