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Medications absolutely will increase focus at school in any person with add/adhd. The question is whether this outweighs the risks of adverse reactions or how it makes you feel on a daily basis. An important factor to consider is the severity of the adhd. This is usually measured on a standardized scale by percentile after taking a lengthy survey with a psychologist or psychiatrist. The notion that someone has to be failing school to have add is false. It is possible that in a mild case in an intelligent person, it may not surface until later in life, even though they had those tendancies. My brother was confirmed to have adhd only after he entered an accounting masters program and was forced to do massive amounts of tedious work. His grades went from C's to A's immediately and he got hired by the #1 big accounting company in the US, So it clearly paid off for him to medicate. If grades are suffering, then medication is the most effective approach to manage add. Other methods may be employed, but they are complimentary to this. It is a fundamental shortage of norepinephrine and serotonin in the nerve synapse in the brain. This means that a medication is the only way to change this physiological condition for the long term. Another important thing to understand is that physical dependence and addiction are not the same thing. People taking adderall or ritalin will be physically dependent but very rarely addicted. This means they need to taper off the dose when they decide to quit. Being addicted means they will do things socially unacceptable or lie or steal to get the medication. Hope this helps you with these issues.

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