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So your son definatly sounds like me!!! I was diagnosed with ADD whenever I was 16, I showed classic symptoms and everything but I too felt that it was just me being a teenager, but it wasn't. He might be having a hard time accepting it because like me, I thought of it as a learning disorder. Because it is. And in my case once I got to high school it definatly showed because I was unable to concentrate on my homework, in classes, on tests etc. I always had to be doing something to keep me occupied because I couldn't just sit there, and that made my grades fall drastically. When I was diagnosed I didn't want to take the medicine (in my case mainly because of the weight loss) people already commented on how small I was, because I only weighed about 105lbs, and Adderall usually makes people loose 5-20lbs. So I got through Highschool not taking the medication but seeking help in any way possible... but I usualy resorted to my friends to help me. But my parents were in a way the same as you are, which I'm not saying is bad because you care and that is the main thing that I needed was knowing that my parents understood what I was going through and not punishing me for having a learning disorder, but letting me cope with it the way I needed to cope with his. So as I got older, (I am 19 now) I am in my second year of college. My first semester of college, I completely freaked out because I could not study, I could not write a paper, I could not pay attention in class, so I decided that it was time I accepted having A.D.D and do something about it, because College really matters to me, it determines my future. So I went to my doctor and told him I was ready and he prescribed me Adderall, and it really does work. I know people think that it is a drug but like anything prescribed... it is a prescription drug unless someone who doesn't need it uses it. I am proud to say that I am finishing up my Sophomore year of college having 4.0's all 4 semesters, I had never had a 4.0 in my life and I was so proud of myself. I only take my mediciation when I need it, which is usually week days because you don't have to take it all the time, so on weekends when I don't ahve a lot of homework or a test or something I don't take my medicine. So I hope that you can see your sons point of view from my story, maybe let him cope with it the way he needs to, and let him accept it in time and if he needs the medicine, don't think of it as a drug or as suppressing his creativness, because in my opinion it has helped me succeed and pass any expectation I had for myself which is the most amazing feeling I think I have ever had, and I am no less creative than I use to be, I am still myself... I am stilly happy, peppy, sporty a huge people person and and I still have fun... the only difference is when I tell myself I can't go out because I need to study... I study... I concentrate in class instead of laugh with my friends and pass notes.

So I hope this help you and your son... just let him know that you and your wife are there for him no matter what... and that you will help him in any way he needs... just remember... it's hard having someone tell you you have a learning disability when you are a teenager... it makes you feel like you are different than anyone else.

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