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B]Hi Everyone---
I am glad you are here, I am learning allot from the posts, hope everyone is well.

My son was diagnosed with ADHD in 3rd grade he is now in 8th, he started out taking concerta with great results the first year, getting straight A's :) Then is started, severe migraines, loosing allot of weight---heck I wanted him off the meds period! I hated that he needed to be on something. We switched to aderall, same problems. This time grades were just as bad as before he got on meds, he was just a depressed little guy that had headaches all the time. So my H and I took him to an adhd specialist physiatrist, we sat in a room for 2 hrs in interview with my son also. All went well, he sat still the whole time, answered all the questions with eye contact---the phyc. diagnosis---this child does not have adhd! What?! Great---we are happy as can be. So off the meds--YES! We had a meeting with the teachers to see how things are---they are horrible, enough to make arrangements with the school phyc and put him in a special class 2 x a week, the school phyc. observed him in the class and worked with him for a week, his diagnose---this child definitely has adhd---now, what the heck! [/B] His grades are bad--so here we go again, the medicine merry go round. Today we took him to the doc that prescribed him the concerta---we are frustrated being words. We were suggested to try straterra, I told the doc that was our wishes, he basically talked us out of it, and suggested vyvase. We don't know what to do---any enlightenment would sure help this frustrated Mom and Son. I am sorry this is so long, I am just beside myself and so is he......TIA

[B]Hi Bob :)
Your post is very helpful--thank you! Today was his first dose of vyvanse against my wanting,but he does need something. We received a letter 2 weeks ago that he is in danger of being held back, that in itself would majorly damage him at this age--you know? That is very interesting about the dex---are you speaking about over the counter or is there a prescription? Also we did try a patch, forgot the name but was told it is basically concerta but in patch form. Well---we put in on---he took it off on the bus, even at one point let one of his friends try it. So that wasn't good, still it had the same affects as the concerta pill when he did leave it on. Sorry if I am sounding ignorant about this, you sound so educated, and I appreciate your help, believe me! He is on the lowest dose of this vyvanse, as far as I am concerned he will stay at that level. I believe we made the mistake of not giving him his meds on the weekends also---we wanted to give him a break from it so he could eat---and boy did he on the weekends! So the up and down of that could have caused him the migraines because he usually had them on a Mon. So we are going to give it to him on the weekends to see if that makes a difference--what do you think? If by any means he gets ill with migraines or loses a great amount of weight---he will be off of meds. Seeing him suffer with that was heartbreaking to say the least.
I agree with you on the one-on-one, he thrives in that, maybe I should home school him?! You know what is amazing? We went to teacher conferences and these room are all dolled up with shiny this, shiny that hanging all over the place---eye caching posters--you name it! No wonder he can't concentrate properly, heck a normal child might have a problem. I don't know---if a teacher knows she has a few adhd children in her class, why can't she tone it down a bit? Maybe they are just as ignorant about this affliction as some Dr's and psychiatrist! They want these perfect little kids in their classes that never causes a fuss ever, robots if you will--hell he is a active ornery boy, that may talk to others here and there. In fact one of his teachers at the meeting (1 0f 5) said---"he is a very busy young man, why can't you all just deal with that and help him accordingly instead of medicating him, after all that is our job". That bought a tear to my eye:( This teacher is a old school teacher if you will, the others are young, if that matters. But anyhow Bob---this is getting long---sorry, I will be interested in what you have to say.


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