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Can I vent?
Mar 13, 2008
Actually, I guess what I really want to do is whine. I am in a tough spot with my son.

You oldtimers may remember that "Joseph" is now 17 years old and is REALLY severely ADHD. He is a senior in high school, by the grace of God. Now, though, between the ADHD, "senoritis", and a girlfriend, he hasn't been doing hardly any of his schoolwork. He has missing assignments in every class. He is in danger of not graduating.

My problem is that parent-teacher conferences were last week and I still haven't recovered. I [B]despise[/B] being in the position I'm in now - he's too old to get anything out of my nagging or attempts to impose structure around his study habits. But, the school still seems to think that I am responsible for making him do his work.

So, he's grounded and I find myself yelling at him every day (every hour, more like) to get to work. I am sooo angry at him for being such a slacker. However, my anger and stress level don't seem to be motivating him at all and, in fact, are probably counter-productive. I guess that doesn't come as a surprise.

[B]But what in the devil am I supposed to do?[/B]

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