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have your daughter take the ADD quizzes and tests. i always thought ADD was an excuse that doctors gave to bad kids, but after researching it, and then being diagnosed myself, i've learned that it is a very real thing, and not everyone with ADD has/had behavioral problems in school. if you looked at the symptoms yourself, without your daughter, it's possible you you might have dismissed a symptom, where she might look at it and say, "you know, that makes sense...."

i was a very quiet kid in school, and i never got into trouble. i was always a very calm and well behaved child, and i have often been referred to as the peacemaker in my family. but i have ADD. i wasn't diagnosed until my mid 20's. nobody in my family had ever been diagnosed with ADD before, no history whatsoever. it was a couple of years after my diagnosis, that my mom got diagnosed.

your daughter's experience actually sounds a lot like my own at her age. i always thought the depression and mood swings were pms hormones, and perhaps they were, but after getting on adderall they toned WAY down. and i was always tired before i was diagnosed too. i just felt like i was having to drag myself everywhere i went and really had to fight myself to get anything done. i felt tired, scattered, moody, and just couldn't get anything finished.

anyway, point being, don't dismiss the diagnosis completely. i definitely agree that you need to get a second opinion though, as it sounds like the first doctor was just taking a shot in the dark! :)

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