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A word of caution on generic Adderall, Iíve been using the 20mg generic for several years with no problems, but recently my pharmacy switched to a generic manufactured by Barr (angry pill) and wow did it cause me problems.

Anger, frustration, anger, anxiety, irritable, anger, agitated and did I mention how angry it made me feel. It was a nightmare, as was going back to the doc for a new script and then paying for new meds all in the same month. To top it all off, I had to drive to another town to pick up my new script, because the chain pharmacy in my town, no longer carries the one I need to take and it would take a couple of weeks to get it if they special ordered it. Guess how that made me feel? ANGRY!

I googled the angry pills and discovered Iím not alone. Lots of chatter out in cyberspace about the angry pill side affects and the fact that they are sort of taking over the market. Many people reported having trouble locating their old generic.

So my advice is to have a careful discussion with your doctor about trying out generics, and see if you can get two scripts each for two week supply, hopefully you find a med that works for you.

Good luck,
Wally :D
(not angry anymore)

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