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[FONT="Tahoma"][COLOR="Navy"][SIZE="3"]I am running out of Adderall; my Health Insurance/COBRA expired and I am wondering what to expect in terms of the price increase without insurance. My Effexor ran out, it is VERY unpleasant in terms of withdrawal, but the increase from $65 to $1700 for a one hundred day supply made me keep from crying or checking out.

Seriously, though, I would appreciate any information or resources that might get me to the answer...without calling Kaiser and dealing with that whole mess. Moreover, I am feeling volitile and think person to person interaction is best avoided for now. I am convinced that ADHD was the more important diagnosis between it and depression.

In other words, my coping mechanisms with school and work held out until marriage, law school, children, in-laws and myriad other environmental factors outstripped my customary coping strategies. Its a pity that at 46 yrs old, it was not diagnosed ADHD until two years ago....after ten years of unsuccessful treatments (mainly SSRI's) for depression.

Adderrall has been as effective in my "fitting in" / recovery, as my glasses are/have been in correcting my nearsightedness.

I wish I could say the same of the long string of anti-depressants I took for the last twelve years.

INCIDENTALLY, no matter how well-meaning, I HOPE parents will consider the [U][I][B][B]risk of major depression[/B][/B][/I][/U] to ADHD kids whom you choose NOT to medicate. I am a teacher (high school) and know first hand the groping, stigma, frustration and despair that a person experiences when he/she does not fit the Procrustean Bed of our Social Order and institutions. Add in a little misplaced blame/shame from the pious folks from the Religious realm....and......I am sure you get it.


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