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Bob - wow - now I am very worried! I don't know what to do...

Let me just tell something else that happened last night. My son went to sleep fairly early - maybe around 7 or 8. When I was going to bed around midnight or there about - his grandma was talking and yelling at me that something was wrong with my son.

I ran out and my son was on the floor. He had passed straight out. When I came in he was getting up but was either out of it or still asleep. I asked him if he had to use the bathroom and he said no and tried to go back to bed. He also told me that he just got up too fast - which he does have a problem with sometimes. But he has NEVER passed out!! I pretty much went into panic mode and started checking him all night!

When I asked him this morning if he remembers it - he said no. He did not remember any of it. Maybe it was a sleep walking thing - which he has never done. Maybe he just got very light headed from standing up too fast... Or maybe it is the meds!!

UGH!! Now that you are saying it is the worst medicine around - I am literally afraid. Why do you say it is the worst? What does it do or don't do? Please - give me more to search about.

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