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It is a good thing that the Dr. doesn't think that he is ADD/ADHD right now and perhaps he will not turn out to be in the future either. It really is hard to diagnose it in a child so young and in toddlers it does manifest itself as overactive and extremely smart children, ones that walked too soon or do things too fast; including talking or playing with toys that are meant for older children. Rarely do they play with "baby toys." ADD/ADHD is hereditery and more than likely, if your son does have it, the new one will as well, but not to the same degree. You or your hubby have it, but not everyone has it to the same degree so it might not be noticiable. It is a different wiring of the brain and/or brain neurons and how they fire; how the chemical dopamine is produced in the brain that controls our attention spans (a simple explanation I know). So while the drugs might help they aren't a "cure" and therefore there are many things that can be done even if it is suspected - i.e. diet, therapy, exercise...

I have 4 children and ADD/ADHD runs in my family. I have ADD, my oldest is diagnosed with ADHD but while the rest of my kids all have ADD in some degree i refused to get the rest officially diagnosed. I made my home their safe haven. A place where they could bounce off the walls if possible and where i choose my battles and learn to give myself a time out. I let the craft projects in the bathroom sink, where my daughters would take the inside of markers and put them in water to make different colors go. I would just let the water out and walk away shaking my head until i could deal with it. I learned not to try craft projects, was just too messy and frustrating. Legos are great; invest in many of them. Don't push picking up his toys if he resists too much because if he is truly ADHD he can't do it for long before his brain gives out...small steps and battles...if his room is messy shut the door or sit in with him and make it a game not a battle but realize that at 3 they have no attention span period and it's worse for one prone to ADD/ADHD.

BTW ADD/ADHD people are extremely intelligent, some of the most intelligent people in the world and very creative. It is the current structure of our society that stunts that creativity. So if he does get into school and his over activeness doesn't calm itself down naturally and his teacher starts talking about medication for ADD/ADHD and such you will already be aware of things and also be aware that overactive boys are automatically earmarked for this sort of diagnoses because of the sizes of the classes and the work of a teacher trying to teach so many kids as once.

Good luck


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