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Welcome to the board. You addressed some important yet often overlooked items on the ADHD control short list. Hope you don't mine me putting key points in bold.


Wow, something has changed. If you are currently implementing Hence's stuff and still no cigar, talk to your doctor about another med. Paradoxicallly, it is not uncommon for methlyphenidate to cause drowsiness. You might have to upgrade to Foculin or possibly an amphetamine class med such as Adderall or possibly Dexedrine. The more potent stimulants are much less likely to cause drowsiness.

What I find puzzling is that you experience drowsiness now, after a long Ritalin hiatus, but not before. Med management IS complicated. Guess that's why you need a license to prescribe meds. And that I don't have.


[QUOTE=hence42;3523926]I am on 20mg currently, but I weigh 245lbs so be careful. You may want to look at your [B]sleep patterns[/B], especially if there have been a lot of cloudy days recently. My clock tends to get turned upside down when there is a [B]lack of sunshine[/B]. Sunny days tend to be good days for me. I decided to install full-spectrum lighting, house as well to help.I have found in my case that the medicine which include adderal (generic) and melatonin as a natural sleep aid in the evening as only part of my therapy. [B]Getting my poper rest and keeping my schedule and exercising have just as much influence[/B]. I notice as the day goes by I tend to come out of my "funk" (which include lots of yawning) and have more energy.[/QUOTE]

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