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Definitely start with the smaller dose. If that's not enough, you can always go up.

Side effects are similar to Ritalin, difficulty sleeping and temporary loss of appetite are the main ones, feeling "wired" is a sign of having taken a little more than you really need.

It's generally not hard to quit Adderall. In fact, you can skip a day every now and then, to avoid tolerance.
Thank you Jane~
I have been reading some of the threads here, and its gotten me worried. Im on a lot of narcotics, and Im not an abuser or an addict, so I dont have to worry about that, but where I see ppl that get addicted to this med of course, I get concerned.
Im not worried about taking it with my other meds, b/c my doc is VERY good and wouldnt ever endanger my life like that.
I do play golf for a living, and I do NOT need to be wired, ect at all. BUT Im finding that I really need to get back onto something for my ADD.
Thank you for taking the time to answer my first post over here. Have a nice week~
There are two different types of Adderall you can take. One is time released and the other is about a 6 hour drug. I am always worried about addiction but any drug taken for quite a while becomes addictive in one way or another. I ran out of wellbutrin that I normally take and figured I could just wait a few days to get it, boy was that a mistake! Anyway, my point is, you can always back off of the adderall if you don't feel comfortable with it or just feel like you need to go off. My psychiatrist always weans me on or off of any drug. Starts at the lowest dosage and regulates very slowly. Thats the way to go. But don't be afraid. I always go off of my adderall at least once a week completely and lower the dosage another day.
Good luck!
[QUOTE=janewhite1;3543677]The other recent poster who became dependent on it was probably using it as a substitute for sleep, whether knowingly or not. Avoid that scenario, take the minimum necessary dosage exactly as prescribed, take a drug-free day when you get the chance, and the probability of addiction is very small.[/QUOTE]

The minimum necessary dose? That's some bad advice. The most common reason for poor outcome from Stimulant medications is under-dosing. Dr.Biederman, who's the head of the ADHD unit at Mass General and A Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard University states, "Pediatric Dosing, Pediatric Effects."

There is not one published study that has shown risks in dosages that exceed 60mg/day, despite many patients who have succeeded with dosages above 60mg/day with no ill-effects.

Back 40 years ago, on the only testing the drug companies did on Adderall, they only tested on children ages 6-12 and only tested up to 60mg/day. They noted that the higher the dose the better the effects. The FDA approved it back then but only approved up to 60mg/day. Back when that testing was done it was believed that children outgrew their ADD. Today we know that Adult ADD exists but the drug companies haven't submitted a new application to the FDA to raise the amounts because off-label prescribing has become an accepting common practice.

In my experience, taking 'drug holidays' is only beneficial for children who are still growing. When you take a drug holiday, you reintroduce the original side effects that you get when you first start taking the medication because the medication is out of your body when you start back on it.
The necessary dose does vary somewhat from person to person. For example, I'm an adult, and I do best on 2.5 mg (of straight dextroamphetamine sulfate). If I take more, I get "speedy" and I can't sleep.

Most adults need quite a bit more than that to have any effect, but there are a few of us who get by on micro-doses. I'm the same way with coffee. I tend to drink about 3-4 ounces to get me perked up.
[QUOTE=Thunor;3546364]I'm not sure you understood the idea of 'minimum [I]necessary[/I] dose.' Necessary means the amount required to have positive effects, not necessarily the minimum [I]available[/I] dose.

Take the time to read the advice on this board, it's well known among this community that it takes time to find the right med and the right dose to properly treat one's ADD, but advocating massive doses of Adderall right off the bat may well be a poor idea.

Start small and work your way up, judging the effects as you go.[/QUOTE]

I did not suggest taking massive doses of Adderall right off the bat, so please don't say that I did. You do need to work your way up, however, one needs to realize that there starting dose won't always work. Yes you will likely see a lot of improvement at your low starting dose, but when that stops working don't be a fool and think that you've built up a tolerance, or you've become 'addicted' like some of the uninformed will lead you to believe.

Please understand that I come here with over 8 years of experience with this medication, with 8 years of extensive research and many years of participating in numerous ADD/ADHD, Adderall and stimulant medication treatment forums. I've seen over 15 different Psychiatrists who have treated me for my ADD, some of them good, a couple that were among the most highly regarded in the world, and some that really made you wonder if they really had a medical degree.

I've been through it all with this medication, and in the end, it's been the single most beneficial thing in my life.
[QUOTE=Hutch1ns;3546677]I did not suggest taking massive doses of Adderall right off the bat, so please don't say that I did.[/QUOTE]

You're right, what you did was come out of nowhere and accuse one of the more respected members of this community of giving bad advice, then advocated dosages in excess of 60 mg/day with no recommendation of working up.

You may well have extensive experience with Adderall, and we'd all love to hear your opinions, but you'll probably receive a better response from a community to which you are new if you're respectful. Rather than making pronouncements that people are offering 'bad advice,' accept that they may have a little experience with this issue as well and offer to provide a different perspective.

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