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... Here is what you need to know. The Daytrana patch at 10mg is NOT a larger dose than 5mg of Ritalin. ... (4 replies)
... but ritalin regular release makes me sleepy in fact, that I was prescribed 5mg ritalin for bedtime to help me sleep. It was a good combination with the dex, but not all doctors are willing to mix stimulants. ... (19 replies)
... as Ritalin is only available in 10 and 20mg tablets as far as I know. ... (25 replies)

Ritalin- first day
May 22, 2003
... Hi all, I am 21 years old and just started today on 5mg methylphenidate (generic Ritalin). I've noticed a difference in the past between brand name prescriptions and their generic substitutions. Will the methylphenidate have the same effect as Ritalin? (3 replies)
... Just to add about my first three, they are: #1 - almost 12 (girl) - severly adhd - medicated (25mg ritalin, 3 times a day). Still has a hard time to focus, stay on task, follow orders, etc... #2 - almost 9 (boy) - regular adhd + capd (ld) - medicated (10 mg ritalin). Does very well on medication but might need a boost soon. #3 - 7 1/4 (girl) - not sure... (11 replies)
... Like I said, you are absolutely correct because peak plasma for a 5mg IR tab would be 5mg at hour two. The 10mg patch NEVER gets plasma concentrations that high and for the first four hours is significantly lower unless Daytrana releases more upfront. ... (4 replies)
... Oh my, I think thats' an antipsychotic, aka a major tranquilizer (downer). I think those scare me even more than stimulants and ADs from what I've read of them! They are capable of major nervous system damage in some people over time like tardive dyskinesia, neuroleptic malignant syndrome and such. I didn't think they used those for ADD but more for bi-polar mania, ODD and... (30 replies)
... I took him to the psychatrist after refusing what I thought was a anti-depressant....he explained that it helped differently than the stimulants.he is off the Adderall all together. So far on this new med he is happy not zombie like and back to his "old self". Its been since this past friday. I like this dr. He is Japanese and does origomi(I can't spell) but anyhoo he makes... (30 replies)
... When i got pregnant I stopped taking my 10mg a day dose of ritalin. I had my baby a month ago and today i took my first 10mg- it seems so strong now- im kind of nauseous from it. Is this normal? i took it the normal way i usually took it, with breakfast (latte and luna bar). should i get back slowly on it? take 5mg instead>? (2 replies)
... nti social, started smoking lots of cigaretts, and just wanted to be left alone to read. I talked to my doctor about this and we tried a lower dose. I was put on 5mg 3 times a day. ... (9 replies)
... Try 5mg instead... some people do feel tired from it... ... (9 replies)
... ys his behavior is out of control. He has forgotten to write down his homework assignments and left his books almost every day. Our Dr. has suggested giving him 5mg of Ritalin at lunch to "boost" the concerta. Has any one tried this? ... (2 replies)
... My 6 year old just started Ritalin yesterday (5mg.) So far, not so good. She had no appetite, and got nasty within a few hours. Could not do her homework at all. Fell asleep at 6 pm for the night. I'm afraid that she having the same bad response as Adderall. Did anyone have a problem like this in the beginning? Thanks (7 replies)
... My son will be 11 years old in august, and was diagnosed with ADHD when he was 6. In second grade the doctor started him on Ritalin 2x per day at 5mg per dose. ... (1 replies)
Ritalin trial
May 15, 2001
... Our son is almost 6 and we just began (5 days ago) a medication trial. He takes 5mg. of Ritalin right before school (his school is only 2 1/2 hours. We really see no big difference, just very slight. What have others experienced. I am wondering if Adderal will be better because when he goes to camp it is for 5 hours. Any thoughts? (10 replies)
Ritalin LA
Mar 21, 2006
... on 20mg also.Because of the hyperness I felt it was too much.He lowered her dose to 10mg a day,5mg in the morning and 5mg right after school.He said he started her on the 20mg la so we didnt have to worry about that second pill. ... (4 replies)
Ritalin Noob
Dec 16, 2012
... I'll try to shed some light on this. I apologize in advance if I come off as a know it all, but I think this is an important question, and people need to understand this. There is another regular poster to this board that is extremely sensitive to stimulants. This poster has more or less quit stimulants, and when she does take Adderall, sticks to a dose of about 5mg. On... (4 replies)
... heard back from my pdoc she said to stay on the 5mg for two weeks then go up to 10mg if I'm still uncomfortable then she will switch me back Yesterday went ok, no bad mood Got some stuff done I know I can't expect too much of myself. Be reasonable. I really should look at what I have done instead of what needs to get done. Also, recognize that I'm trying to manage... (44 replies)
... Ok today much better...:) Sleep was perfect again Gym time fine took 5mg of adderall and so far ok mood is good, motivation is good, focus is ok Thinking about how Thunor suggested talking this med/ADD process slow. I am seriously considering skipping tomorrow's med completely. So far my experience with this med has been every other day is horrible. Maybe that is... (44 replies)
... Take it slow. The biggest problem I had when I started the meds is I expected too much. It's going to take time to get a feel for how things are going. Give yourself a week on the 5mg, and then see where you stand. If you feel you haven't been getting enough 'bang for your buck,' try 10 next week. As I learned the hard way, treating ADHD with medication is a process that... (44 replies)

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