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... Nope still confused....should I take another 5mg? Should I just let the day be as it is and ride it out? I still have all day just to do as best I can as I am. That's probably the best choice. I should just do one thing for a half hour at a time. Only spend an hour at the market and come home. Wow, see, that wasn't so hard after all! :) (44 replies)
... Slept beautifully last night :) 10pm to 5 am exactly! ahhh 5mg of adderall upon my return from my morning gym time and it's time for housework and etc. I was a little stressed earlier but I seem to be ok now. I was happy when I woke up. The stress came right after I took the pill though. hmm..It seemed like everything bothered me. But we were on time for school! Peacefully,... (44 replies)
... I am 6' 205 and I take 5mg once per day (4 replies)

... Better yet, ask doc for 4 5mg tabs daily. Take one every hour. ... (4 replies)
... my 7 year old child has just been prescribed Mathyphenidate 5mg for his ADHD, when we gave it to him be became twitchy and didnt sleep all that night! ... (4 replies)
ADHD/son 9
Mar 9, 2006
... I take just 10mg Adderall in the morning, and then I'm supposed to take 5mg Ritalin in the afternoon, but I usually forget to take it. ... (5 replies)
... Yes. Only it never did work very well for me. I'm on a low dose of 10mg Adderall in the morning with a optional 5mg Ritalin in the late afternoon. ... (2 replies)
... he was on the increased dose a few days....I took him back to his dr because I knew it wasn't right for him,thats when we tried adderall 10mg....after a week on that he seemed worse so we are now working with a child psychiatrist who has him on a very low dose of loxapin(5mg). My son is no longer a zombie nor is he impulsive. He doesn't lash out at people. He uses his words... (30 replies)
... ADHD has yet to be proven to be biological so I'm not sure what other problems he means...perhaps he is referring to a rebellious stage/drug use/crime possibility during teenage years but IMHO those are things any kid, ADHD or not, can become tangled into these days but it seems they always assume/blame untreated ADHD or ADD. That's an easy claim with all the problem children... (30 replies)
... yeah the dr said it is used to treat schizophenia....but in a higher doese. Like 300-400mg. He put my son on .5mg. I have to take him in the morning to get blood work done ans make sure there is no medical reason for his behavior then we go from there....I know I'm scared to even give him a vitamin because you can O.D. on them....Its makes me sick to think it could hurt him... (30 replies)
... tting back on the Adderall when I reacted like dado. It's been about 8 months now, and, as far as Adderall goes, I take one 10mg in the am, and then, sometimes a 5mg Ritalin in the afternoon. ... (6 replies)
... saxgirl Member lol, it makes you sleepy?? I didn't know of that. I'd be interested to know if this affect levels out for you. My son was only really hyper for the first week or two, but that was also the most effective week for him in terms of concentrating. We just doubled his morning dose(was 5mg, now 10mg). He works better with the 10 now. But I wonder if that... (6 replies)
... I would like to know if anyone can tell me exactly what I should expect from taking this drug. I just started it yesterday and I took 5mg. it made me sleepy. I took 10mg this mornig then 1o more @3pm and 10 more @5:30pm. I seem to feel different, but can't discribe how. Does anyone have any insite on this. Thanks (6 replies)
... Thanks - LOL calling your pharmacist isn't as common over here, but I may give this a try. I will have to eat a little something after the first dose wears off (because I get starving hungry), but since I am on a very low dose at the moment (5mg), this is around 10 am so I guess by noon my stomach does not really count as "full" any more. (25 replies)
... My son is also 7 and we haven't had good results. This weekend was 2 weeks on Strattera. So far, we haven't really seen any good results. We are still giving (1) 18mg Concerta along with the Strattera, for he can't hold it together without it. (FYI - he used to take (1) 18mg Concerta and (1) 5mg Ritalin 8AM and (1) 18mg Concerta at 1PM (this worked great, no hyperness in the... (13 replies)
Feb 10, 2003
... This weekend was 2 weeks on Strattera. So far, we haven't really seen any good results. We are still giving (1) 18mg Concerta along with the Strattera, for he can't hold it together without it. (FYI - he used to take (1) 18mg Concerta and (1) 5mg Ritalin 8AM and (1) 18mg Concerta at 1PM (this worked great, no hyperness in the evening and it would wear off at bedtime)) At the 1... (152 replies)
... Hi, I have posted this question before, but I havent received any responses, so I thought I would try again. Has anyone had experience with neurofeedback as an ADHD treatment? We are trying it on our almost 6 year old and I would love to discuss this with someone. We are also in the midst of a 1 month medication trial (7.5mg Ritalin) 1X a day and are seeing very little... (2 replies)
Bad reaction ?
Mar 27, 2006
... at rest but on ritalin i was finding myself at around 80. So obviously a little increase in hearbeat but nothing to considder bad. ... (4 replies)
... Hi everyone, I read so many amazing stories how people find a quiet space in their brain and allows them to do amazing productive things, like read a book! I am so disappointed I'm not finding that space at all... I'm feeling foggy brained, hazy, like I'm not quite there, not quite aware of what's going on around me. And I have a slight anxiety feeling, a little bit of the... (2 replies)
... sorry to bring uo a old post but I stopped taking the ritalin and my wife said i was better on it and so did my doc so we are doing the same thing now. He used office visits to suggest ADD over a period of about 6 months. ... (5 replies)

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