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[FONT="Tahoma"][COLOR="Magenta"]Hi everyone, i'm new to this board & have been reading & everyone really seems to know their stuff on here. To try & make a long story short i'm in my 20's & have just recently seen a psychiatrist for the first time to be diagnosed with adhd. I have & always have shown a ton of symptoms but I wanted a professionals opinion. He seemed to agree with me & told me there is no real way to tell other then trying a med & seeing if it helps. He gave me generic ritalin, 10 mg tabs. I've been taking 3 pills 2X a day, so 60 mgs a day. I read somewhere that thats the maximum? Which is alittle crazy right off the bat I thought, but i've been taking them for a week now & it's been fine. I really notice a positive difference in myself. I've also been reading quite a bit about adhd meds and many many people have said that adderall is much better than ritalin & seems to be prescribed more often. Basically, I want to try adderall, also a plus to me is that weight loss is BIG with adderall, and I could really stand to lose. I know thats with ritalin too, but I dont think as much. So really my question here is how do I go about asking if he could switch me to adderall without sounding like a drug seeking moron i guess you could say. Side effects of both seem to be similar...I know they're both schedule 2, but still. Any advice/opinions would be appreciated. Thanks!:angel:[/COLOR][/FONT]

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