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Welcome to the board, JuneBug.

It does sound like you may have ADD, certainly your problems sound a lot like ours.

I would speak to a psychiatrist who "does" ADD, specializes in it, I mean. Do not start off by asking for drugs, just say that you know someone diagnosed with ADD and you're having similar issues, and you're looking for better ways to manage them.

The medications, such as Ritalin or Adderall, are immensely helpful for some people. That being said, there are side effects, such as loss of appetite or headache. Addiction is possible, however, it's rare, and extremely rare among those who never deliberately abuse the drug. You just need to watch the temptation to substitute the medication for sleep. (If you are sleep-deprived, the drug doesn't treat the ADD effectively, it just treats the tiredness.)

Also, getting on medication is just the beginning of your adventure. Once you get your brain capable of organizing, studying, and concentrating, you have to learn how! You probably want a therapist or coach to talk to frequently, at least until you start to get it together. Not even necessarily a licensed professional, but someone on your side, not a family member, who understands adults with ADD.

It's a long trip, as you can tell from the fact that there's a whole gang of us on this board who've been diagnosed and medicated for years, and keep coming back for better ways to deal.

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