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I finally went to a psychiatrist and told him what I was going through. He diagnosed me with ADD, and gave me a prescription for adderall. 10 mg in the morning, 10 mg in afternoon if needed. Take two days off a week to not form a tolerance. Well I have now been on the meds for a couple weeks now, and it has made a world of difference. I can actually concentrate now and get things done. I dont feel hyper and wired like some people are saying they feel on it. I actually feel a sense of calm and "smoothness", if that makes sense. I have not once taken more than I was prescribed and I also dont feel like "OMG i have to have it, or im gonna die!". Im actually fine on the weekends when I dont take it.

SOOO, why are people saying such bad things about it? After having it prescribed for me, I have looked it up on the internet and I am frightened by the things people say about it! I have not experienced any of the weird or scary things people say they experience while on it. I dont even really get a sense of "euphoria" like some people say they get, it just makes me feel concentrated, put together and calm. The only kind of off thing I have experienced on it is some chest discomfort, kind of like cramps. I even went to get an EKG done, and everything turned out fine. The doctor explained that it was only the muscles that must be hurting me, because my heart was totally healthy and my blood pressure was normal. Does anyone else experience that side effect as well?

Has anyone had success while using adderall? And not got addicted and got all crazy?

I have a feeling that adderall gets such a bad rep because so many people abuse it. Then they get hurt from it, and get all mad at the medication and tell everyone not to take it. If you abuse ANY medication there will probably be some bad results....
Euphoria, wired feelings, addiction, personality changes, etc occur at dosages much much higher than yours, usually through injection or inhalation rather than ingestion. These are people who willingly knowingly misuse the drug.

Adderall has been a blessing to many of us here. Taken as prescribed, the only real risk of "accidental" abuse is if you start to use it instead of sleep, and if you're skipping 2 days a week, that shouldn't be an issue.

We humans have a tendency to assume that what works (or doesn't work) for us is the same for everyone else. If you have a lousy experience with a drug, you want to tell the world how lousy it is. If you have a great experience with something, then you're raving about it as the cure-all for everyone and everything. What we too often forget is that different drugs (and different diets and life styles and everything) are appropriate for different people.

I personally am greatful that Ritalin was invented and that I have had the chance to use it for the last year. Other folks have had bad experiences with it. You and janewhite1 have had good experiences with Adderall. Others find that it makes their symptoms worse or has such bad side effects that they can't take it.

If it works for you, then that's wonderful. Discuss side-effects with your doctor. Don't abuse it. Otherwise, treat it as the "blessing" that janewhite1 so aptly calls it.

Jane and Rheanna,

Your composite coverage is so accurate and thorough I can't add anything.

What do I do now? :D

Go back to work?


This is too crazy. I was just prescribed this yesterday 5mgs, for depression, and not concentration well. I just took my first one this morning, scared, for I hate taking meds, but know that depression is a horried thing, and I have had it for along time.

My father died 13 years ago, and I was such a daddy girl and he was my best friend. My life i s very stressful, and Was told I was have depression/anxiety.

I have been on several A/D and I am now on 35mg. of Effexor XR, and Adderall 5mgs, once a day, 1st day, and I alreay feel a slight difference.

I will also be taking the weekends off, great advise, my doctor never mention that to me.

Their is hope at the end of the tunnel.............

Thank you for the thread.
Welcome, Himmylover.

I'm glad the Adderall is working out for you, the two most common side effects are loss of appetite (usually temporary) and trouble sleeping. Let us know how it goes.
Thank you. I took my second one this morning, a tiny bit gittery, but you feel calm, sounds weird I know, but I am going to give this a chane.......

Thank you for the welcoming.:angel:

I had bad experiences with adderall. I started at 15mg jr. year of high school. It turned me into a zombie. I also felt addicted to it I was always craving it eventhough it made me act strange in social situations. Some people have compared the effects of adderall to cocaine. My suggestion is to try a non-stimulate ADD medication. Then again this was just my experience with adderall it may have helped people not me though.

Welcome to the board.

I want to thank you for sharing your bad Adderall experience and for the "it may have helped some people" acknowledgement.

You just hit the nail on the head with all psychotropic medications - help some, harm others. It's important to know for everyone that must medically manage a buggy brain.

Negative drug experiences are just as important as the positive.

For the record, the comparisons between Adderall and cocaine were made by someone that has not tried both. A fire cracker to a nuclear warhead might be somewhat closer. Both Adderall and cocaine are stimulants just as gun powder and nuclear fission are explosives. However, one has a somewhat bigger bang than the other.

For some people Adderall is the only med that can help them but they are so scared of it they won't take it. It is not inconceivable that their decision could lead to an ADHD caused accident or a resulting depression suicide attempt.

This part seems very true. I was afraid to bring up the possibility of a.d.h.d because I am scared of the pills they take. I have heard so much about them. I have notcied myself becoming more depressed being I am not getting help too. In your opinion addprogrammer...why does a.d.h.d sometimes cause people to be depressed? I feel depressed but don't exactly link it to my possible a.d.h.d. Do people with a.d.h.d know that it is causing them to be depressed, or do they not even realize the two are related?
Generally when ADHD causes depression, it's indirect. ADHD results in life problems, such as poor performance in school or work, difficult relationships, and failing to do as well as you feel you should. Repeated failures then can cause depression. However, this is situational depression, the result of life problems, rather than depression resulting from a chemical imbalance. Both respond to medication, but the first kind usually responds even quicker to a change in situation.
[QUOTE=janewhite1;3638218]ADHD results in life problems, such as poor performance in school or work, difficult relationships, and failing to do as well as you feel you should. Repeated failures then can cause depression.[/QUOTE]

Exactly. ADHD = Failure = Depression. It's amazing how well the depression responds when the ADHD problems start to improve and you start to do things you're proud of.

I see your question is answered completely and accurately by Jane and Thunor.

Please keep in mind that Joseph made a valid point. I'll adjust my comparison and equate Adderall to a big fire cracker, perhaps an M-80. Both are capable of causing death if used improperly. And for the record, it is nuclear fusion (not fission) that causes the blast. So my simile was off on two accounts.

Ask your psychiatrist for an ADHD evaluation. The eval is an extensive battery of tests that span two days. I needed it before I was willing to play with fire so to speak.

Good advise.
I take Adderall XR 30mg once a day and I have 5mg quick acting to take in the afternoon if needed. I've been taking the adderall for close to 7 years now. It has helped me so much, both in giving me my ability to focus back and helping the depression no other medication was able to touch. I had tried them all too! ;)

There is a bad side to adderall though. People like to abuse medication like this. It has close to the same effect as methamphetamine to people without ADD (ADHD) and I have seen first hand what it can do to a person that shouldn't be taking it and abuses it. Luckly this person had a friend that knew what was going on and how to help them. :angel:

For a person like me adderall has been a lifesaver, so no matter what people say I'm living proof it does work and is a good medication if used as it was meant to be used.

Thank you, it does have a great effect on my overall emoutions, however the jittery part scares me. I been allot more productive as well.

That is the only side effect I can really mention. I overall like this, but that side effect scares me.........:confused:
[QUOTE=himmylover;3638793]Thank you, it does have a great effect on my overall emoutions, however the jittery part scares me. I been allot more productive as well.

That is the only side effect I can really mention. I overall like this, but that side effect scares me.........:confused:[/QUOTE]

Ah, yes. I remember when I first started taking it and the jitters! :D Itís been so long I had almost forgotten about it. It does get better, but it could take a little while for your system to get use to it enough so you no longer notice that side effect, I can't say for sure how long but for me it did go away. I believe it was a couple months for me so if you can hold out a little while longer I would suggest you do. As long as it doesn't get any worse. I've learned the hard way to always tell my doctor about side effects that don't go away, so donít be afraid to tell them. Maybe there's something newer out there with less of the stimulating side effects you can try if the adderall does clear up.
Y thank you so much, if the jitters would go away, I would be in heaven. Well, almost...........just being me again, is a start........;)

Thank you.

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