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Interesting . . .
Jul 3, 2008
So, now that things are on a little more of an even keel, I decided to tinker with my meds a little to see if I had better effects on something other than Dexedrine.

A little over a week ago, I went to the doctor and asked for Ritalin. After a little time and convincing (he's afraid that Ritalin is more addictive than Dex, and apparently it's harder to prescribe), I got a prescription for Ritalin SR and I'm giving it a try. Now I believe I ended up with generic, my bottle says Methylephenidate, so I'm guessing it's not brand name Ritalin.

First impression: Some good, some bad.

1. I don't think my motivation is as good as it was on Dex, but then my situation is different, so we'll see how things go.

2. My working memory is incredible! I can't believe how well I'm remembering things! I save a lot of time at work not having to double check things all the time, it's great! My memory wasn't anywhere near this good on the Dex.

3. Temper. Possibly the most worrisome side effect so far is that I'm on an extremely short fuse. We're having a lot of frustrations at work, and I'm flying off the handle for the smallest things . . . so far I haven't said or done anything I regret, but I worry that it's coming.

I'll pop back with updates as time goes on. I'm considering giving Adderall a try as well, but I haven't decided for sure. I'm wondering about people's experiences with Focalin or Strattera as well. Let me know how things go on those and other options.

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