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I am very confused
Jul 6, 2008
I pretty much know I have had metal illness's my whole life (depression, anxiety, ocd, eating disorders) but I still felt like some of what I was dealing with couldn't be explained in those disorders. I daydream ALL THE TIME. I cannot stop. I am constantly thinking of other things all day...even when someone is talking to me sometimes I cannot focus. They even tell me "you have this blank look on your face when I am talking to you." In reality it's because I am not listening. I left school at a age 16 because I was depressed but also because I could no longer focus. I couldn't read a paragraph and have it sink in. I was just reading words that weren't getting through to me until I really tried to concentrate. I have a very short attention span too..I cannot even watch a movie all the way through without stopping it and going back later. I feel like I am in my own world. Like I am in a bubble and others are around me but not in the same world I am in. I get bored very easily in fact I am ALWAYS bored and. I find something to do for 5 seconds then I am done and bored. I am very very irritable and moody..pretty much like constant pms.

The thing is, I am NOT hyperactive and I never was. As a matter of fact this past month I have been so depressed I have gained weight from non stop eating and barely leave the house. As a kid I never seemed to have a learning problem and that is what gets me. Usually as a child you can tell that something is wrong with them if they cannot learn properly..I COULD. I was a B student. When I hit around age 11 was when the problems came in school with my learning. But then again, that is really when I became very depressed and realized my weight problem. I guess what I am asking is, can anyone here relate to what I am saying? I took a quiz online and I had a high likely result of having ADHD. However, people were telling me a lot that anxiety and depression are similar to ADHD and can be confused with each other.

Is it possible to not have had symptoms as a young child?? Because if not than I am leaning more toward me having depression/anxiety. I need to know your opinions. I am not asking for medical help, I need opinions from people with this disorder.

Also, I have been on 4 antidepressants and none of them worked at all. I felt like I was taking a sugar pill. I am so confused. :confused: I was going to ask to be put on adderall (I am 21 by the way) but everyone makes it seem like this drug will kill you and I am scared to.

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