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Hello I have a question for those who have ADHD.
I was just diagnosed by a doctor and put on Vyvanse within the last year for ADHD although I have known for a long time I suffered, as did my mother who also has the dissorder.

My question is that before I started taking medication I always got extremely annoyed at people to the point where I would want to burst into to tears or I would clench my fist, clench my jaw, etc. Anything would set me off if I found the certain person annoying, but especially thier voices. I describe to my friends that certain people I hate all have "magnetic" voices as a joke to describe how when I her them talk I just almost close my eyes and have to stop and breathe! haha. But it wasn't only people at school it was my mom and also the relationships (non romantic) around at school about how ungenuine teenagers can be.

I thought when I got medication that it was helping with coping with getting so chronically annoyed but I think it was wishful thinking. At times I can get so frustrated with how annoying and "foreign" everyone seems I just want to stay home. My question is - is this a common thing for peopel with ADHD? Anyone else out there get so greatly annoyed or is this anxiety of some sort?

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