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Hello trulee unique
Wow ,your description is more or less me except for a few variables.
(nobody knows still looking into with help from pro's ,think its add//adhd/bipolar/depression/manic/dissocative/fill in)
Touch ,big one for me ,got over it ,now it frightens the crap out of me to touch someone else (I didnt like it ,oversensitive to it ,suppressed it for years (undersinsitive ,nothing or pain),got out of the habit ,(concerta worked) oversensitive ,got that handled. Now, its the question for me do other people experiance it as I do ,did ,something like that.Sounds is a big one ,some voices are just to damn over the top ,and a perculator ,like a mile away sounds like a hammer,listening in on conversations ,following 3 or 4 of them ,in a call centre (dont like intruding ,but cant help) extreme confusion ,list goes on ,sometimes its drilling your brain away (want to lock myself up in a dark room ,with nothing to distract me while I am working ,did it for about 7 years ,did not help ,27 now) ,anything moving around ,my concentration gone ,(people feel distant ,senses feel misplaced) ,sometimes you are there ,sometimes not ,and sometimes you are THERE!!! ,sometimes you like people ,sometimes everybody is IDIOTS ,and then there is the brain storming shut up please for a second so I can think ,dammit ,o please can I just pass out for a year ,feeling.
Do you also get extremely pissed off when you are on a roll and you get interupted ?(this is weird ,can pull 5 or more peoples work ,do it in half the time ,but its like everything else switches off that you dont need ,absolute brilliance ,and then you dont have a clue what you did ? What is up with that ?)
Find it extremely easy to learn something new ? (after a while ,might be 5 mins or a day or 2 ,its just boring as hell?)
And yea ,the feel aware of everything around you ,rapid mood swings ,(happy sad ,irretated ,crying spells ,and all the other missing emotions _I have a lot of those).
This is a big one sometimes ,and can be overwhelming for me 2 ,wished I can just switch off.
And for me it feels that I can only live in chaos ,comfortable there ,as soon as I get some structure ,and it gets broken ,big deal ,its like everything falls apart.
Also to scared to let anyone into this world of mine.

Hang in there ,you are not ALONE.
(going for a re-eval ,cat scan ,.......list goes on , and now I am getting cluster migranes)
But ,what works for me ,is a little of Tiesto's trance music (instead of metal).
The searching for sunrise cds ,on some really good sealed headphones ,not 2 loud ,can really get me relaxed.
Also on a couple of different meds to keep me calm (not working at the moment)
Dont buy a superbike (lol) ,no seriously
I am looking into NLP and some kind of social skills ,communication books, because ,people ,every one of them ,is different ,hence not boring ,depending on your belief systems ,and I am working on mine ,and this is helping me alot (alot of damage to reverse ,since ,most people scared of me (fitness freak ,biker ,long hair ,tall ,well built ,and the $#@$ is wrong with this person) ,scared I will snap and ,ah well I dont know ,preconcieved image ,they dont know me ,and I actually like to help where I can.
I am rambling again.........

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